Ride Concepts launch in the UK and Ireland with Silverfish as exclusive distribution partner

We are pleased to announce that from today Silverfish UK is the official UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for Ride Concepts. Currently the most talked about brand in the MTB market, Ride Concepts MTB footwear graces the feet of many of the world’s leading riders including the Athertons, Kyle Strait, Sam Pilgrim, and longtime Silverfish friend Geoff Gulevich.

Ride Concepts is the first MTB specific footwear company to offer a complete range of technically driven and tailored products for men, women and youth riders. Their mission: to build the most comfortable, durable and reliable mountain bike footwear. Rider designed. Rider owned.

Brandon Dodd, Founder and CEO of Ride Concepts commented:

“It is a period of exciting global growth for us so we are delighted to be partnering with Silverfish. Their spirit and style truly reflect our ethos. We have great ambitions and joining Silverfish alongside their renowned portfolio of high-quality and high-performance brands will help us to achieve it.” 

Darren Mabbott, Silverfish Managing Director commented:

“We’re honoured to be working with Ride Concepts. They’re the hottest MTB shoe brand in the world right now and we can’t wait to get them into the hands of retailers. There is a huge amount of customer interest in Ride Concepts, lots of buzz on all the forums and we’re excited to hear the feedback from riders now that the shoes are finally available on this side of the pond”.

Product is expected with Silverfish in July. Speak to your local bike shop or visit www.Silverfish-UK.com to find out more.

About Ride Concepts

Ride Concepts is a rider-owned company based in Truckee, CA, USA, focused on building technical, progressive, mountain biking footwear. Drawing upon decades of shared experience in design and manufacturing, the mission is to create the most comfortable, most durable and most reliable mountain bike footwear on the planet. For the rider, this means precision fit, uncompromised pedal contact, and unmatched protection leaving you to focus on the ride.

About Silverfish UK

We are the UK’s most innovative distributor of high-end bikes and accessories, partnering with market-leading and iconic Bike and P&A brands from around the world. This year, 2019 marks 20 years since Silverfish was started, but our love for riding bikes remains as strong now as it was at the beginning. We’re just a little slower with a middle-aged spread coming on strong…