Are you trained in mental health and would like to help others more anxious build their biking confidence?
If so please read on.

Are you wanting to get back out on your bike but anxious about it or wanting to start biking but anxious about it?
If so please read on.

#TOTALBUDDIES is something new we’re looking to set up where people who’re either wanting to get a bike and start going out or already have a bike and are looking to get back out but both are too anxious about doing it. (SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE ABOUT #TOTALBUDDIES)

Please see the available #TotalBuddies below

Feel free to contact them yourselve and organise a ride (if you do so please mention it’s about #TotalBuddies) or ask us to introduce you if you prefer.

Wayne Henderson

Town – Leicester

Local trail – Cannock or Pines

SM – TwitterInstagram

How to contact – Twitter or Insta

Bob Ellison

Town – Newcastle upon Tyne

Local trail – Chopwell / hamsterley / thrunton

SM – Instagram

How to contact – Insta

Matt Cain

Town – Gateshead

Local trail – Beamish Woods & Northumberland Moors

SM – TwitterInstagram

How to contact – Twitter or Insta

Leanne Wrightson

Town – Glasgow

Local trail – Arrochar, Kilpatrick or Cathkin Braes

SM – Instagram

How to contact – Instagram

John Martin

Town – Camberley

Local trail – Swinley, Surrey Hills, QECP

SM – Instagram

How to contact – Instagram

#TotalBuddies in Australia

Brad Sara

Town – Koongamia, Perth WA

Local trail – Goat Farm Bike Park, John Forrest, Heritage Trail

SM – Instagram

How to contact – Instagram


We’ll have a list of people from all across the UK who’re trained in mental health but also keen bikers who know the local trails well and can therefore take you can a ride to help build your confidence.

After your confidence is built you may want to go out by yourself, join a shop/social ride or even help others who are in the same place you were.

If you’re trained in mental health and would like to be a #TotalBuddies please get in touch.

Why do you have to be trained in mental health to become a #TotalBuddies?

What we’re trying to do with #TotalBuddies’ is extremely important and I feel if people who’re anxious and would like help would feel more relaxed and confident going for a bike ride with someone who is trained in this area.

Also I would hate for something to happen while you’re out on your bike ride and the #TotalBuddies not have the correct training to be able to help in the appropriate way.

Maybe in the future we can open up for more buddies to join even without the training.

If you’re interested in either being a buddy or joining a buddy on a ride please let us know.


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