Our Campaigns

1 – #MentalHealthMatters

I think first and foremost mental health is extremely important whenever and whoever you are.

It can have such a massive impact on you, your family and friends, work life etc

I know this because I suffer badly at times and I’m still trying to work out how to live my life the way I want while dealing with it.

The support I receive from family, friends and on social media is crucial in keeping me going.

We aim to bring more awareness to this important subject, hopefully helping people as we go and if people want to talk were here.

Exercise and biking is important as it can help people mentally so much especially if you bike in the countryside while the sun is shining.

It’s proven that exercise, nature and the sun and all have positive impacts on your good endorphins and therefore it keeps your mental health positive.

So having said the above benefits that’s why we try and encourage, motivate and inspire people to get out on their bikes.

Not only have we been raising awareness for mental health but also money through two Christmas charity raffles, our mental health tee and our 2021 jersey which have been extremely popular.

Please don’t suffer alone.

2 – #LetsAllRide

We try to encourage, inspire and motivate people to get out on there bikes through reposts we do so people can see what others are up to.

We try and encourage people also through motivational posts (as you can see from our inspire Instagram highlight).

We organise #TotalSocial rides to try and help people out which also helps with socialising.

We’re also trying to link with bike shops around the country to do monthly shop rides with customers and people in the local area.

And hopefully we can connect with Forestry England to run social rides at their locations through the UK.

All the above is trying to encourage people to get out on their bikes, have fun, socialise, meet new people and while they do that they’ll be helping their mental and physical health.

3 – #ProtectOurPlanet

As mountain bikers we spend most our time in the countryside surrounded by nature.

It’s a place we not only love to bike but also helps our mental health dramatically.

So the last thing we want to see is our countryside getting destroyed by litter or other forms of disruption.

We’d like to raise awareness and money for the environment like we have been doing for mental health.

We’ve already started by selling a recycled tee with raises awareness for the planet with a message on the front and all the profit going to Forestry England.

When we can run social rides again, throughout the ride I’ll be litter picking.

In 2022 not only will our packaging for jerseys become recyclable but the jerseys will be raising awareness and money for the environment.

If we can we’ll have jerseys made from recycled plastic in 2022 but it may be difficult with price points.

We’ll keep thinking of new ideas to help out and do our bit even if it’s a small affect globally we hope to inspire others to do the same.


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