What is #TotalSurprise?

#TotalSurprise is a chance to celebrate individuals. We love to hear about different people in the MTB community and we love presents. It’s our chance to celebrate the wonderful people doing good in the world, the amazing folks fighting through tough times, or those young shredders pushing MTB from the ground up. It’s an opportunity for us to send a little gift to show love from the MTB community.

With the most secret methods our team can muster, we find out what the deserving person likes and, no matter how big or small it is, we aim to create an experience they’ll never forget.

We hope this provides joy and happiness not only for the person receiving the surprise but also our community who see them receive it on social media. Spreading joy through cycling is what we’re all about.

If you know someone who deserves a surprise please get in touch with us via social media.

If you’re a brand that would like to get involved and surprise someone please get in touch with us via social media or by emailing us directly.

Check out some of the TotalSurprise projects we’ve already made happen below.


I told a good friend of TotalMTB about our TotalSurprise project, what it’s about and if someone ever came to their mind that would be a good fit for what we’re doing to let me know.

He told me about a family in Wales who were struggling financially after being hit with rising bills that were already on a low income as a single parent.

The two boys are so passionate about mtb especially downhill mtb and it’s fantastic for their mental and physical health.

The problem was that they especially love to ride at Dyfi Bike Park and do most of their training there but it costs and with the financial situation they now found themselves in they wouldn’t be able to go to Dyfi Bike Park as often if at all and it’s so important not only for training but as a stress release for mental health as well as physical health.

The boys I’ve mentioned are the @TrailRippers (Nathan and Ruben) on Instagram who are very loved and popular in the mtb world.

They both compete at a very high level and it’s fantastic to see.

They have sponsors for clothing, training and equipment but I wanted to make sure they could go to Dyfi Bike Park as often as they wanted not only to train but also for their mental and physical health without their Mum having to worry about the bills.

So TotalMTB has teamed up with Dyfi Bike Park to put some funds towards making sure they can go to the bike park without having to worry about money side of things and have some funds left over for other bits they need when racing and travelling.

It will be fantastic to see Nathan and Ruben develop and progress in the mtb world.

A message from Dan Atherton about the surprise… “It’s awesome to see this support for two really nice lads, Nathan is already starting to put some fast runs together and Reuben won’t be far behind.

Helping fast racers who live locally is important to us so Dyfi Bike Park and TotalMTB have come together to help, support and fund the Trail Rippers.

With the help of Dyfi Bike Park and TotalMTB they will be able to get access to the bike park, uplifts, race entries, travel and more, we’re all excited to see what this year will bring.”


This is definitely the biggest and most dramatic surprise yet!!!

Sally has been helping and supporting me with TotalMTB for years, mainly by running the Twitter chat account @MTBTalk

I knew she was a massive fan of Ben Moore and she was the one who introduced me to Ben last year.

I asked Ben if he could send Sally one of his main race jerseys and he said that wasn’t a problem at all.

Ben needed to come over to the UK to visit his family as well as some other bits and he asked me where Sally lived so not only could she get the jersey but he’d personally drop it off.

We sorted a day and time, I tried to contact her family to make sure she would stay home for when he got there but I couldn’t reach anyone so we just had to hope she was home.

The day before the surprise we found out it was Sally’s birthday and we had no idea, it just made it more special.

Then I saw on social media that she was going shopping but due to the earlyish time Ben was surprising her we hoped she’d still be home.

As Ben was almost at her house he saw a car driving getting closer and driving the other way, he recognised it as Sally’s car so blocked her in so she couldn’t get past and he jumped out to surprise her.

Hollywood film storyline or what!!!! 🤣

I’m so happy it went well and to plan (sort of).

Thank you again to Sally for all her help and support and to Ben for taking the time to do this surprise 🙌


I’ve been following Andrew on Twitter (@AndrewJames18) for a long time and I’m not sure when he started but he’s been litter picking and documenting it on Twitter for a long time.

I’ve seen his fantastic efforts to clean up the countryside, he does it while out riding and also goes out other times to specifically litter pick and it’s incredibly sad how many big bags of litter he’s collecting weekly.

So because of his fantastic efforts I wanted to surprise him with something to say thank you for what he’s doing.

I found out that he loved his mountain biking and also the MTB legends like Rob Warner.

I got in contact with Rob and he sent out three of his jerseys with one being signed and a message to Andrew about his great work to Andrew’s friend to give him on a ride.

You can see in the pictures the litter picking Andrew has been doing and also what Rob sent.

He helps run ‘litter picking for deeside’, they’ve filled close to 1600 bags now and he’s personally filled over 200.

He organises the bag allocation with the council and collection of full bags, they encourage and support the group.

He’s also working with his local council in regards to signage and are about to drive introduction of cameras at flytipping spots via council if he can make that happen.

THANK YOU to Rob Warner for sending out the jerseys 🙌

And again THANK YOU so much to Andrew for the what he’s doing 💚



In the middle of April 2021 a young lady called Casey Gemma had a terrible and unfortunate MTB accident involving her spine.

After waking up from her surgery, Casey and her family were given the terrifying news that she was unlikely to ever walk again as the damage to her spinal nerves had been so devastating.

Since then she’s had several operations and tests to try and help recovery and rehab.

I found out one of her MTB idols was Tahnée Seagrave, so I contacted Tahnée to see if we could sort a care package out between us which would include signed jerseys from Tahnée herself!!

Tahnée said she was more then happy to get involved and so we sent Casey a package, click here to see it.

If you’d like to donate to Casey’s GoFundMe page please click here.


I found out that a young girl named Molly (from @team_kostka) had a cycling hero which was @tracy_moseley as you can see from the work she did for school about her hero

I contacted Tracy to ask if she could send a signed @tmoracing tee to Molly and she was more then happy to.

Molly received the surprise and as you can see she loved it.

Thank you again Tracy for making it happen.

Please click here to see the video of her opening the surprise.




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