A while back now we (TotalMTB) came across Daisy and soon raised how fantastic she was and how much she loved biking and being out.

For 2021 we were delighted to bring her onboard as an ambassador for TotalMTB as we think she promotes exactly what TotalMTB is about.

We’ve recently seen just how influential she is on other youngsters around her age which is a very important in growing up.

We think being outside and active is extremely important for not only physical health but also mental health and learning about the outdoors.

So we’ve decided to start ‘Adventures with Daisy’ headed by Daisy herself……….

Being a MTB rider isn’t all about massive jumps or really technical ridding, the first step for most youngsters getting in mtb are those first adventures off road and in nature exploring. Mtb ridding is often great for kids it traffic free and it like going on a big adventure it can start from a young age with seats for kids on your mtb or even balance bike adventures in the woods.

There’s lots of different levels for all ages, mtb can be enjoyed by all kids and we want to encourage you and your little people to go out and have your Adventures.

Daisy is 3 and she loves mtbing and having her adventures mtb always feel like one to her so go out take your little ones and have ‘adventures with Daisy’.

To kick things off what we’d love is to be tagged in your posts and hear all about your adventures where you’ve been, best bits, new things you’ve experienced etc?

Did your little one get a new bike? Ride for the first time? Go out without stabilisers? Get their first big bike? Go on their first trail? Go on their first family bike ride? Their first small jump? First bike park? Bike holiday? Trick? Race? etc……..
Even if they haven’t done a ‘milestone’ please keep us up to date and tag us so we can share and us and the rest of the community can see their progress and journey.
We want them to feel awesome and them want to be outside on their bike!!

It doesn’t matter to us what age they come off stabilisers, when they use a pedal bike, how fast they go or how skilled they’re, all that matters is that they enjoy biking outside on their bike.
We want to see and promote them enjoying it.

Please tag @AdventuresWith.Daisy, @Pint.Size.Cyclist, @TotalMTB and use the hashtag #AdventuresWithDaisy in your posts and stories and we’ll share them.

She even has her own tee and gif for Instagram stories!!

Every so often we’ll be setting some easy and fun challenges too to help encourage bike skills and generally just have fun on the bike.

Please follow @AdventuresWith.Daisy for updates.


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