Foundation MX Goggles

When trying and testing things like goggles, sunglasses, helmets and similar items during a ride I feel the best compliment you can give these are that they are so comfortable and effective that you completely forget that you’re wearing them which is the case with this goggles.

There are certain boxes goggles have to tick to be enjoyable to wear which are comfort, no fog, stay in position, clear vision, unrestricted vision and these SPY+ goggles ticked every box for sure.

When I was on the ride I really did completely forget I was wearing them, even with most anti fog goggles and sunglasses I still have the problem but after hours of riding there was nothing.

After many bumps and jumps the goggles stayed exactly where I put them and the lens is so clear it’s again like your not wearing any.

As you can see below they haven’t just gone for standard components on the goggles they have tried and succeeded to upgrade each part of the goggles so the performance as you can tell when using them is very high.

Also as with most new goggles now they come with a roll off system and a pack of 10 tear offs come with the goggles.

Lastly pretty much all mountain bikers love to colour coordinate themselves and their bike so like anything now a days these goggles come in an array of colours and lens colours to suit everyone!!

View and buy the Foundation goggles here.


Further Info

Let’s put the rumors to rest. Motorsports has been a big part of SPY for 25 years. To prove the point, we’d like to introduce the Foundation, the newest badass addition to our MX goggle line. Developed in collaboration with our top athletes, the Foundation doubles down on SPY’s commitment to off-road motorsports with the widest view of any motorcross goggle. We’re here for the duration, so enjoy the f@$king ride.


  • The widest peripheral view on the market
  • High Definition (HD) Lexan® lens provides sharper and more accurate vision in all lighting conditions while reducing distortion in the peripheral areas
  • Comes with an installed Spectra™ lens and bonus clear lens with posts
  • RISE™+ ventilation system utilizes the Venturi effect to draw air through subframe vents above the goggle and in-between your helmet, creating a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens
  • 45mm roll-off system
  • Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece is facially contoured to provide a comfortable, dry seal that lasts so long it makes other goggles jealous
  • Spoiler-style outriggers keep tear-offs lying flat while providing a tight and secure fit to the face, even when wearing a helmet
  • Extra-wide 45MM silicone-ribbed strap stops goggle slipping and shifting on whoops, jumps, and rhythm sections
  • Includes a free removable nose guard and 10-pack of tear-offs


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Review written by: Ryan O – #TotalMTB Founder
Instagram: @RazOldfield
Twitter: @RazOldfield

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