Race Team, Ambassadors, Supporting Brands & Jerseys

I honestly can’t believe how quick #TotalMTB has developed, it will be two years old in July!!

Obviously it wouldn’t have grown so quickly without the out fantastic followers and our ever growing list of supporting brands (click here to see the full list).

As well as everything else we’re currently doing and planning to do I thought the next step would be to try and help grass roots riders both who race and don’t to gain exposure to maybe be scouted by a bigger team or brands to see them and want to work with them.

The only problem is we would ideally need #TotalMTB jerseys for them all to wear so they can be identified and so the #TotalMTB jersey was born!

Being a graphic designer myself I like to keep things simple and straight forward which you can see in the jersey design and it has been widely complimented, in the MTB world jerseys tend to be more bright, colourful and in your face, so ours is definitely against the grain.

With this being our first year doing jerseys and #TotalMTB on the whole being not even two years old I was very skeptical as to how it would go and not sure if we’d even find riders who wanted to join us but in the end we have 16 in the race team and 16 ambassadors with also the general public wanting to buy jerseys which is a great response!

Included in the jersey package we also sent through freebies/samples from brands we work with as a thank you the riders for joining us, the samples including #TotalMTB mudguard, Veloforte bars, Squirt chain lube, Kingud bike cleaner and Steadyrack t-shirt as well as many stickers and flyers from other brands (as you can see in the picture above).

Like I mentioned earlier one advantage with the riders and ambassadors being with us is that they get the chance of exposure and chance to work with big brands themselves and some have already done this!

To show just how well our riders are doing and the progress they are making we’ve created a dedicated page to show off their accomplishments and throughout the year we’ll keep adding to it, you can see it here.

We’ve also been able to give the riders some exclusive discounts with the brands we work with that are ONLY for the race team and ambassadors so I have to say a massive thank you to them!!

If you take part in or go to witness an MTB event or race keep a look at for our jerseys, we’ve created a special page for you to see which of our riders are taking part in which races which the dates and locations also, the page is here.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t part of our race team or ambassadors you can still get involved with us either by sharing your content with us on social media or coming along to one of our fantastic social rides which are for everyone!

We just want to encourage more people out on the trails, we’ll bring freebies/samples for you to try and our professional photographer will be there to snap some photos of you to use so please get involved, a list of the social rides are here.

Still to come from #TotalMTB:

  • Online Magazine
  • More YouTube content
  • More Social Rides
  • #TotalMTB Event
  • Charity Calendar
  • And more…..

In addition to the above you can also see each rider and more about them on our Riders page here.

And of course, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the fantastic support of our these brands who are not only on our jerseys but also giving our riders exclusive discounts, please check them out!

Full list below!


We are currently doing the last run of the year so be quick if you’d like to buy your #TotalMTB jersey!!

They’re £39 including delivery.

They come in Men’s Women’s and Kids sizes.

Both long sleeve and short sleeve available.

Please get in touch via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook if you’d like to buy one.


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