If you’re in the market for some new biking sunglasses I’d definitely recommend at least considering SunGod and their PaceBreakers.

If you check out the long list of features (which you can see below) they have the usual features plus some specially made for biking to improve the way they perform and work, these include:
Adventureproof Flexible Frame
Grip-Lock Ear Socks
Triple-Layer Scratch Resistance

The above features mean they’ll stay in great condition and in one piece without you having to worry about the usual scratches and hoping impacts won\t break them.

The feature I really like is the Grip-Lock because when you try sunglasses they may feel nice, comfy and grippy when stationery but that’s not important, the most important thing is will they still feel nice, comfy and grippy when traveling at speed, on rough terrain and while you’re sweater and that’s what the Grip-Lock feature is designed for.

So yes they’re the perfect companion for wearing while cycling.

And there’s more…..

This a British, yes British brand which the other main selling point to the obvious fantastic sunglasses is that they’re customisable in pretty much everyway and all bikers have their own colour scheme on their bike….
Ear Socks

There’s the small matter of SunGod’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!!

“If they break or you break them they will repair them FREE of charge” and with us clumsy bikers that’s pretty awesome.

The sunglasses aren’t cheap but they aren’t expensive and personally when you look at the features and selling points above they seem reasonably priced especially when they have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 9,000 customers!!!

And finally one of their slogans fits perfectly with our community………. #Adventureproof

All their features and more info….