Showers Pass

DWR Cross Country Shorts

These shorts look so smart and classy, if you went on a long ride that involved stopping off at a cafe or pub for refreshments you wouldn’t look out of place.

They’re extremely comfortable to wear, the silicone grip around the waist is pretty much a standard feature with MTB shorts and as usually, it does the trick for the rocky terrain or fast descents where your body and clothes are jumping all over the place and confidence in what you were is essential for a mountain biker.

The fabric is the main thing I notice about these shorts, it just feels so premium, water just runs off them, it’s tough, durable and there isn’t much for the countryside to snag onto.

That with them feeling light and airy and you’ve already got a great pair of shorts.

They come with back pockets which at first I thought strange however if you wear them on a walk or down to the shops these come in pretty handy, I know they’re MTB shorts but due to the material and how comfortable they’re to wear I also wear them on walks.

If I was being picky I think some people could get slightly annoyed with how you fasten them, a zip, two poppers (sorry, not sure what they’re called?) and a clip, personally I don’t mind though.

Oh and something I found funny yet cheeky was the phrase sewn under the zip “enjoy the ride”, I thought that would be a great place to end the review haha!!

You can see more about the brand Showers Pass in the YouTube video below.

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