Sonder Launches Steel Aggressive Hardtail

Despite everything that has happened this year, Endura are delighted to announce that the Scottish cycle kit brand have reached their halfway mark of their One Million Trees Initiative and have already planted more than half a million trees in 2020 . By the end of June 2020, exactly 619,962 trees had been planted on the site sponsored by Endura in Mozambique, and more are being added every day. These trees not only help to reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere, they also bring significant social benefits for the local community.

As a company that operates on a global level, Endura are critically aware of their environmental impact and are working on a number of fronts to reduce their footprint. The textile industry is increasingly under the spotlight for its global carbon emissions that are second only to oil – fast fashion has become a dirty term. Endura’s kit, on the other hand, is built to last. Nevertheless, the company recognises that there’s a lot of work to be done, both across the company and the wider industry. While they have been taking steps towards change – their kit has been PFC-free since 2018, they offer a repair service, and 1% of their net profit goes to good causes – there are much bigger challenges.

British Bike Brand Sonder has launched the Signal Steel, an aggressive hardtail, designed to be great fun to throw about on the trails and great to pedal for long days out.

The Signal Steel joins the hugely popular Signal Ti, which was developed by Sonder for flat out speed, to pedal like an XC and descend like an enduro.

All of this is achieved through a carefully considered combination of geometry and material choice.

To keep things fun, the chainstays have been kept short (and these are variable according to bike size so that taller riders can get their weight back without unweighting the front wheel too much). It’s long but not super-long so it’s stable at speed without losing agility. Sonder has also kept the bike low to give that feeling of sitting in the bike rather than on top of it.


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