Cycling Kit

If you’re a mountain biker from the UK one thing you’ll do almost as much as ride your bike is clean your bike and kit!

Once we’ve spent hours cleaning our pride and joy it’s time to get the mud and sludge off our riding kit right? But do we take as much care cleaning our gear as much as we do our bikes? I know I don’t add anything extra to the washing just throw in a bold 9in1 (or whatever it is) pod and leave it to do its job.

So I was really interested to see what the NIKWAX products could offer in enhancing my kit during a wash!

In the pack I received were: Tech Wash 300ml | TX.Direct 300ml Wash In | BaseFresh 300ml | Glove Proof 125ml sponge-on | Free 10L Dry Bag

  • TECH WASH – The No.1 easy to use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment.
  • TX. DIRECT WASH IN – The No.1 easy to use, safe, high performance wash in waterproofing for wet weather clothing.
  • BASEFRESH – Deodorising fabric conditioner for all technical synthetic and woollen baselayers. Designed to gently clean and prevent the build-up of odour whilst accelerating drying times. Great for all synthetic sportswear too.
  • GLOVE PROOF – An easy to use sponge-on waterproofing treatment that prolongs the life and performance of your gloves.

Ok so it’s summer time here in the UK and my waterproofs are packed away for hopefully a few months until our short summer is over so I can’t give the 3 waterproof products a good testing until the back end of the year, however saying that I did decide to give my waterproof trousers a handwash using the technical cleaner, so when the time comes they will be all ready for action. I do need to get myself a new set of waterproof gloves for the winter so the glove proof supplied should come in very handy for them.

Also supplied is a very handy dry bag for keeping that change of clothes nice and dry on your epic travels this is large enough to get a descent amount of items in because after a long ride there is nothing better than getting changed into some nice dry clothing. This bag is still easy enough to transport with you once items have been placed inside.

The one product I can test out right now is the BaseFresh one and see if this makes my clobber feel any different!

The instructions are nice and clear you can add it to a normal load of washing so that’s great, I had a few items (3 rides worth as I am so lazy) of biking gear to wash so it was the perfect chance to chuck some of this BaseFresh in and see how it works.

So the smell is not offensive it just smells a little chemically (even though is contains zero nasties and is water-based so eco-friendly) and once mixed in with the regular detergent and the wash is done you can’t smell it at all.

Do the garments feel any different on?….. actually yes! My base layer feels nice and fresh to put on and during the ride I didn’t notice it getting as sweaty and as smelly as usual so I think that’s a win right there and I’ll certainly be adding a capful to my riding gear wash from now on. . It helps to prolong the lifespan of kit too so good for my bank balance too. The whole kit, along with the handy 10L Dry Bag only costs £19.99 and can be bought here.

I’m actually looking forward to some rainy days now (I know I can’t believe I’m saying that either) so I can put the waterproofing products to the test, if they are anything like the BaseFresh they should be spot on.