Paul Loves the Grateful Dead

We were tearing out one of the bathrooms in the machine shop so we could fit another lathe in the shop, so we had to pull a bunch of dusty old Sierra Nevada boxes down from the rafters, and to our surprise, Paul has been saving one of every T-shirt he’s made over the years.

By far our favorite from the archives was one of the earliest original shirts he ever made. It’s tie-dyed with a peace sign logo and seatpost quick release (our first product) hand drawn by Paul himself sometime around 1990. We loved it so much we decided we had to make another batch.

See, a couple of years ago we noticed that our mail carrier Keith has an actual tie-dyed USPS T-shirt (this is very Chico). Then it dawned on us that he wore it every Friday. Keith is the chillest dude ever, and we love him so much we decided we should join him, so now whenever he walks in the door on Fridays we’re like, “AAAAAYYYYY!” and we all point to our tie-dye shirts. Yeah, Tie-Dye Friday is corny, but what do you expect from a bunch of bike nerds?

Now you can join us! We had some T-Shirts printed up here in town with Paul’s old peace sign logo, then Gary (yes, our sales manager Gary that you talk to when you call here to place an order) took them home and dyed them in his back yard. See, Gary actually ended up in Chico because he was following the Grateful Dead around with some friends, and stopping here in Chico one day, he loved it here so much he decided to stay. So, he has those hippy tie-dye skills down SUPER good.

These are “get-what-what-you-get”! Each Shirt is unique, hand dyed by Gary and his wife in the back yard while drinking beer on a friday afternoon. You might get a rainbow, you might get sunburst, you might get purple and blue. We made so few of these that you’ll have to be open minded on color and….like, just groove on whatever you get, you know? We also Tie-Dyed some with our simple round black Paul Logo if you aren’t a fan of Paul’s hand drawn artwork. This is an extremely limited stock item, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Technical Information:

• 100% Cotton, Pre-washed and Pre-Shrunk. Made in the USA, hand Tie-Dyed in Chico, California.

• Available: Now!

• Price $35