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My usual summer tyre choice is a High Roller II / Minion SS combination. I’ve found that the rolling speed of the Minion at the rear works well with the tenacious grip of the High Roller at the front, and have been reluctant to change (I don’t like change – I’d be writing this on a typewriter if I could…). With all that said, though, I couldn’t resist trying out this combination from e*thirteen.

The trsr (catchy, huh?) is the front tyre of the pairing, and has pairs of knobs down the centreline, alternating between a sort of L-shape and hexagon, both of which feature siping to help them deform and increase mechanical grip. The shoulder knobs are lightly buttressed for support, with diagonal sipes. There’s nothing in between, although I can’t say I missed it, but more on that later.

The LG1R in semi-slick guise sits on the rear of our test bike and shares the large shoulder knobs of its front-dwelling sibling, although the centreline knobs are replaced by rows of four small knobs, creating an uninterrupted train of grip. Both of our test tyres sport a reinforced casing (aramid on the rear, unspecified up front).

Fitting these was, if I’m honest, a bit of a pain. Maybe it was a super-tight bead, maybe it was the reinforced casing. Either way, they took a lot longer to fit than my usual tyre choices. There may have been swearing, and there was definitely the use of tyre levers (which really goes against my Rule of Life number 23). Once seated they sealed quickly using an Airshot burst tank and Muc Off sealant.

I fitted these just in time to get a dry ride in before my local trails submerged under six inches of rain and mud (so yes, you can blame me for the weather…). In the dry, these tyres excel. The trsr holds a line very well, allowing you to corner hard and fast, secure in the knowledge that those massive shoulder lugs will dig in and support you. The LG1R, with the almost file-like centre knobs is super-fats rolling, but remarkably grippy with it. Loose climbs, enthusiastic cornering and hardpack sprints were dispatched with ease. What was surprising though, was the performance in the slop that followed. I’ll admit it: I was too lazy to swap back to more heavily-treaded rubber for the monsoon that was late Spring. I expected great things from the front, but the LG1R was tenacious, to say the least. I tried to make it break traction, I really did. Apart from one incident with a highly polished root, though, I just couldn’t do it. It held 14 and a half stone of idiot resolutely rubber side down despite my best/worst efforts. Simply put, I won’t be changing them any time soon.

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Review written by: Marmot – #TotalMTB 
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