Longhaul Endurance


Pleasant attractive packaging, the ingredients are clearly listed with all the nutritional info… compact enough to fit in your riding bag/waist pack.. I ate this sachet during a 34 mile mostly off road ride and it was consumed at around 12-14 miles in, Easy to open via its twist off cap.. Once open a gentle squeeze and the product starts to come out ready to be eaten, the texture feels a little coarse to start of with but this soon goes away and it seems much much smoother, We tried both flavours but the turmeric chicken sachet was our favourite and it is very nice, I’m not keen on sweet potatoes but gave it a try anyway, not my cup of tea at all I’m afraid taste wise but texture was the same.

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Back to the chicken one, it was swallowed very easily and you don’t need a drink to wash it down like some food pouches, not stodgy and has no unpleasant aftertaste, I would prob say it reminds me of a cold curry, very tasty and warming, easily digested, very filling but with no feeling of anything untoward like sitting heavy in my stomach, within 5 mins of being eaten I hit a bmx track around 10 -12 times and I felt fine, some times after eating during a ride I can feel slugish or lethargic for the next 15-20 minutes or so but I had none of that with this, strange how it’s only 170 calories in this one, it felt like more due to taste of it, I felt like I had had a good meal and kept me going through my ride and didn’t feel as though I needed to eat again to keep going, apart from a few sips of drink I managed the next 20 miles perfectly fine, I would highly recommend these from my experience of using them on this ride but the taste and texture may not suit some people, over all I’d give the sweet pot one a 4-5 out of 10 due to me not being a huge fan of these but the chicken one I’d give 8-9 out of 10!

For more information on them please click here and don’t forget to use this discount code TMTBLH10 for 10% off!!

Here Amelia from Longhaul Endurance talks to Run Guru Run about their product (even though it’s on a running YouTube the content still applies).

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Review written by: Richard Pearson

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