Combining traditional British weaving with years of engineering expertise to produce the ultimate in performance watch straps.

The new Webbing Strap from Elliot Brown Watches represents three years of R&D to weave together a unique, beautifully crafted webbing strap which fits perfectly on your wrist and suitable for most watches, Click here to see them.

The webbing is woven by Bowmer Bond, a family business based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire founded in 1795 in a stunning waterside mill. Their Victorian shuttle loom (nicknamed Dolly!) weaves ‘double selvedge’ webbing resulting in a beautifully technical slice of fabric, you can see the video of Dolly in action below.

The yarn is treated with a lifetime antibacterial treatment, it’s hypoallergenic, breathable and fast drying, making it one of the most technically competent straps in the world. The strap easily adjusts over a wet suit or jacket creating the complete package when twinned with a rugged Elliot Brown watch for anyone who loves a life outdoors, over land or in the water.

The patented strap buckle is an engineering gem, typical of Elliot Brown’s inventive detailing, and the brain child of horologist Alex Brown. The hinged clamp and ladder lock offer a power of strength, despite its low profile, and can be operated one handed, mid adventure.

Ian Elliot, joint Founder of Elliot Brown Watches says, “After several years in development, we have tested and abused these straps with zero failures to reach the conclusion that they are as robust, strong and comfortable as our watches. It’s the ultimate in strap performance. We literally could not make them more fit for purpose and it’s good knowing you’re wearing a piece of British manufacturing heritage.”


RRP: £40.00 from https://elliotbrownwatches.com/collections/the-webbing-strap.

Available in ten colours with three different buckle finishes – bronze, gun metal or vapour blasted steel.

Strap weight: 12g, 22mm wide and available in two max wrist sizes – 225mm or 255mm.

For more in depth info on the strap please click here and read their blog post about it, https://elliotbrownwatches.com/blogs/technical/the-webbing-strap-reinvented

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