ALL-NEW 36, 38 & 40

One fork family bound by a common bond of race-ready performance, driven to help you deliver your very best. In 2005, we changed the game with the introduction of the 36, pioneering a new category in mountain bike suspension—and Enduro was born. The very same year, we introduced a big brother into the fold with the 40, forever changing the landscape of downhill racing—defying both gravity and expectations of what dual crown suspension should be. 15 years and countless world cup and EWS wins later, our award-winning suspension family is poised to redefine the game once again with the brand new 38. This rebellious middle child is a hard-hitting, long travel enduro menace, set to carry on the evolution and winning traditions of its champion pedigree.


Twin it to win it. The all-new FLOAT X2 & DHX2 have changed everything, including the game. This award-winning, gravity-defying duo holds nothing back, especially not you. Both models boasting a complete redesign for 2021, including new chassis’, dampers and matching 8-click HSC and HSR adjustment—following in the footsteps of their GRIP2 cousins. Featuring progressive MCU bottom-out bumpers unique to the specifications of each shock, these fraternal twins are both guaranteed to get you to the bottom–without ever bottoming.

34 GRIP2 & DPX2 

The venerable 34 gets a GRIP 2 damper option for 2021, delivering more options and more performance than ever before.

Just like 34, the trusty trail companion DPX2 also gets a serious performance upgrade for 2021, featuring an updated base valve and the addition of a valved circuit in open mode, improving ride performance.


Take your riding to the next level with precision of position. Featuring our patent-pending clamp design, the all-new Transfer boasts significant reductions in length and weight for 2021, along with a decreased insertion depth, enabling the post to do a lot more with a lot less. Featuring 100,125,150, and 175mm drop options, bulletproof internals and a new lightweight under-bar 1X lever—the all-new Transfer post is ready to rise to any challenge.

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