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If you’re a female rider, I’m sure you can relate to the frustration I feel when trying to look for women’s riding kit that doesn’t look utterly horrendous and boring. Is it really too much to ask to look and feel good whilst riding my bike?

Let’s start with a few questions…

Do you want to shred in XS mens clothing that is still too big for you? No.

Do you want to shred in shapeless kids clothing and get cold ankles? No.

Do you want to zip down trails in Hawaiian shirts and tropical party-pants? YES!

Then hold up sista, I have the kit for you…

Say ‘Hellooooo’ to DHaRCO.

Holy-moley, when I came across this awesome kit company I was pretty blown away, and I was super stoked to test out a full set of Womens Gravity Kit and Party Pants.

By far my favourite bit of DHaRCO kit are the Ladies Gravity pants. They claim ‘once you wear these you’ll wonder how you lived without’. I thought it was a big claim, but my god, they’re good.

They’re made from a 4-way stretch fabric that moves extremely well with your body even on all day epics, and are well fitted to keep you comfortable as well as stylish on the trails. While not fully waterproof, there’s a durable water-resistant coating that shrugs off the showers of our classic Welsh summers and dull days of constant drizzle, but they remain incredibly breathable in the sun. There is room for knee pads but you wouldn’t get anything bulky under here, and I’d maybe add a zipper to the tapered bottom because trying to get your waterproof socks on after you’re dressed in these bad-boys should be an Olympic sport (although coming from the Beaches of Sydney, Australia, these guys may not know the importance of waterproof socks…). They have three pockets for snacks, I mean essentials, but because they’re a wonderfully snug fit on your thighs and bum stashing anything bigger than some keys or a tenner would be pretty difficult. Oh, did I mention they’re made from a sustainable fabric that uses substantially less chemicals and water in production, so they’re eco-friendly too?! Winner, winner.


The gravity jersey is a flattering long sleeve, made from quick dry fabric with mesh side panels to keep you cool and sweat-free whilst riding. It’s uber comfortable and light, and is loose enough to don some body-armour underneath if needed. I’ve ridden in this jersey a fair few times, and it’s great at keeping me cool. It’s so light and soft that you just don’t notice it whilst riding, and has a little zip-pocket too big enough for your phone or keys.

The party don’t start till I walk in.

Now, these are a set of party pants I never thought I’d need. This set of padded liner shorts are fantastic, super comfortable and smooth with a nice waistband to keep you dry and chafe free in the saddle. They come with ‘italian silicone grippers’ on the leg so they don’t ride up and pinch, and a small pocket where you could easily fit your phone or bank cards. Although these are designed to go under your shorts or trousers, I do shamelessly wear just these on XC rides because they really are too good to hide. Who doesn’t want to ride around with flamingos and palm trees on their butt?

Finally, no kit is complete without a set of matching gloves and DHaRCO have you covered with a variety of prints to choose from. The overall fit of the gloves is great, and you barely notice them whilst riding thanks to the mesh panel on the upper-hand and soft durable synthetic leather palm. They’re comfortable, don’t have baggy finger tips, and you can use them with your smartphone (success varies). What’s not to love?

My two-pennies worth:
Do you want some bold head-turning kit that’s gonna make you feel great whilst riding, and not like a complete dork when you rock-up at the pub for a pint after? Then you’ve come to the right place my friend. DHaRCO is a truly fantastic MTB clothing brand that haven’t compromised on quality, but have managed to produce kit that is highly technical, super stylish, and really comfortable to ride in. Their passion for riding really comes out in everything they do, from the polished website to funky clothing designs, and they’re eco-conscious and select more sustainable options in a commitment to create products that minimise our impact on the environment.

I’m super impressed.

Peace out,


Check out my kit here:

Ladies Gloves | Camo: https://dharco.com/collections/ladies/products/ladies-gloves-camo

Ladies Gravity Jersey | Monochrome:https://dharco.com/collections/ladies/products/ladies-gravity-jersey-monochrome

Ladies Padded Party Pants | Aqua Party: https://dharco.com/collections/ladies/products/ladies-party-pants-aqua-party

Ladies Gravity Pants | Black: https://dharco.com/collections/ladies/products/ladies-gravity-pants-black

*I’m a small UK 8 and the XS clothing fits perfectly. Size small in gloves*

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Instagram: @DHaRCOClothing
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Review written by: Rowan Kaya – #TotalMTB 
Instagram: @Little__Row