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After reviewing the Folsom Shorts from Chrome Industries I was very much looking forward to their next item to be sent through and I wasn’t disappointed!!

The Merino Wool Cobra Hoodie is just a hoodie full of tricks and perfect for everything situation, similar to Broken Riders clothing the Chrome hoodie can be worn either on the bike or for casual use at the cafe, shops etc and it won’t look or feel out of place.

The Merino Wool material makes it feel and act as a very premium piece of clothing, not only does it feel great but it technically does a fantastic job if you are on the bike by “naturally heat-regulating and odour-resistant”.

Wind, rain, sun or even snow doesn’t make a difference to the Merino hoodie and not only is the quality of the fabric fantastic but Chrome being Chrome there are so many features within the hoodie to make it so useful when out and about on the trail.

For longer rides to have three pockets with one being quite large along the back and if you’re just going for a quick ride there is a nice pocket on the wrist for your keys.

If you’re like me you like to you change body position quite often on your bike you will know the sleeves on your hoodie moving up and down constantly if fairly annoying but with the Merino hoodie they have installed thumb holes so the sleeves stay in the position no matter what.

This really is an excellent hoodie, very premium quality, feels great, looks great if it’s on or off the bike and the features are well thought out and executed.

Please take a closer look the Merino Wool Cobra Hoodie here.


Further Info

We never do anything half way at Chrome. So when we set out to make a cycling hoodie, we went all out. Merino needs no introduction, a naturally moisture-wicking, antimicrobial fabric that combines performance and comfort. With extra pockets, a streamlined hood and a cut specifically fit for the bike, it’s got the utility you need for the bike and a classic look you can wear all day.


  • Naturally heat-regulating and odor-resistant Merino wool fabric
  • Full-width pass-through back cargo pocket
  • High-neck collar with 3-panel Merino hood
  • Front hand-warmer pockets
  • Key pocket on wrist
  • Thumb loops


  • Longer sleeves and torso for riding comfort
  • Form-fitting, athletic silhouette


  • 100% Merino wool


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Review written by: Ryan O – #TotalMTB Founder
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