SixSixOne Knee Pads
SixSixOne Knee Pads

SixSixOne Evo Knee Pads

Long Term Review

I’ve had the SixSixOne Evo knee pads for some time now and without doubt they are a brilliant set of pads and ones that I would, without hesitation, buy again.

Pretty bold opening statement right? Well, yes and for good reason – I still use them on every single ride.

From rain, mud and freezing cold winter training rides to dusty, warm summer shreds these pads have seen it all; and, most importantly for protective gear, have stood up to the constant beating I put them through.

Stacked it at Antur Stiniog? Check.

Rain soaked and covered in mud at FlyUp 417? You bet.

Hot, sweaty and dusty at Grenoside? Yeah, I think you get the idea…

The pads are primarily made up of a stretchy Cordura fabric all of which is pre-shaped to help keep them sitting snug on your legs. With a single Velcro strap placed at the top above the pad, these are simple to slip on and easy to adjust. The back of the knee has a cut out to aid breathability – perfect for getting some airflow on those warmer days.

The main areas on the front of the pads are covered in a kevlar panel. Sounds like something used to make a Batman suit, but it is ridiculously tough and abrasion resistant. So much so that you wouldn’t even know that I had stacked it once – let a lone, well, the many more times that I actually have done. There are also smaller, built in areas of padding that offer more protection around the side of your knee, because we don’t always fall off going forwards.

The D30 insert is fully removable which means once you’ve ridden them on one too many wet, muddy trails you can give them a good clean, right down to the moulded knee cap.

View the full SixSixOne protection range here.

As far as fitting goes – like many protective items, it is a personal affair, but these really do fit me just right. They come up and over onto my thigh, where the velcro straps helps tighten to a perfect fit. The lower part sits well below the knee – almost half way down your shin offering maximum protection over a large area. They are also, and equally important, very comfortable to wear – even on longer rides.

There are plenty of other offerings out there, some thinner and lighter, some bigger and more protective. But these have done exactly what I have needed them to do, every time I’ve taken a tumble, encountered the trail side brambles or braved the -4 degree temperatures.

These pads are heavy duty. They’re not the lightest on the market – but then they offer way more protection than those thinner options do. Personally I want to wear a pad that will offer the most amount of protection whilst still offering comfort and breathability – and for me the SixSixOne EVO knee pads do just that.


  • Total impact protection and comfort with internal moulded D30 knee
  • Breathability and flexibility through Cordura construction
  • Abrasion resistance through Kevlar panels
  • Superior fit with pre-curved ergonomic chassis
  • Stays in place with velcro closures

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Review written by: AURUM MTB – #TotalMTB Reviewer
Instagram: @aurum_mtb
Twitter: @aurum_mtb

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