#TotalMTB's Big Christmas Charity Raffle 2020 - The Winners!

Before you scroll down to see the winners I would like to say I massive thank you to everyone who got involved not only buying a ticket but also the brands who donated fantastic prizes and led to us raising £3,376 for charity this year!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

(If you have won something please message me on social media with your full name, address, email address and phone number for me to send to the brands)

Lastly, if you were lucky enough to win something can you please post a picture on social media and us and the brand in so we can share it 🙂

Atherton Bikes

SIGNED Atherton Racing Jersey – Martyn Bachmet


Tahnee Seagrave

SIGNED AND WORN Tahnee Seagrave custom, one off Fox racing kit – Dave Town

SIGNED AND WORN Tahnee Seagrave custom, one off Fox racing kit – Matthew Cobb


Tracy Moseley

SIGND AND WORN FOR A RACE – TMO Racing Jersey – Annabel Wisely



SIGNED MattJones Tee (Medium or Large) – @bike_with_h



A set of 27.5 or 29 wheels – Emily Davies


Elliot Brown

Canford watch (red strap) – Adrain Langworthy


Showers Pass

Element Jacket – Rob Paul

Element Jacket – Steve High


Broken Riders

Hoodie – Ryan McConnachie

Tee – Russ Aram

Tee – @jr1454

Tee – Ryan McConnachie

Neck Tube – John Cox

Neck Tube – John Stokes

Neck Tube – George Brown

Keychain – Tony Carpet

Keychain – John Davies

Keychain – Charlene Allsopp

Keychain – Joshua Spier

Keychain – Stephen Morrison

Pouch – Vanessa Bryson

Pouch – Pete Storey

Pouch – Scooby

Pouch – Mark Oldfield

Pouch – Matt Saunders

Sticker Pack – Tony Carpet

Sticker Pack – Nicola Kilsby

Sticker Pack – Mitchell Banks



UltraDrisport Socks + Beanie hat of choice – @oldstuntmonkey

UltraDrisport Socks + Beanie hat of choice – Sean Murphy

UltraDrisport Socks + Beanie hat of choice – Kieran Potts

UltraDrisport Socks + Beanie hat of choice – Ellie Payne


Vee Tire Co

Flow Snap | ENDURO CORE Vee Tires (Winner pick size) – Chris Wood

Flow Snap | ENDURO CORE Vee Tires (Winner pick size) – Ryan McConnachie



Hydroshot Pressure Washer – @priceyT


IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings Bike Protection Kit – Andrew Davey

IGL Coatings Bike Protection Kit – @nathan_s25

IGL Coatings Bike Protection Kit – Jason Duffy



Jabra Active Elite 75t – Stuart Bowen



ANKE, HOMIE and Z LOK – Dave Hack


Polaris Bikewear

Waterproof Bum Bag – Alex Guinan

10 pack of Fixies – Andrew Davey

10 pack of Fixies – @Bike_with_h

10 pack of Fixies – Glenn Byford

10 pack of Fixies – ptdborth@hotmail.com

10 pack of Fixies – Tony Carpet

Cascade Waterproof Socks – Alex Guinan

Cascade Waterproof Socks – Alan Cowen

Cascade Waterproof Socks – ptdborth@hotmail.com



Tigo Bike + Kit – Chris Wood


Kids Ride Shotgun

Kids Ride Shotgun Seat + Book – Matt Cupid


Alio Modo

1 pack of notebooks – Stuart Bowen

1 pack of notebooks – Richard Dowell

1 pack of notebooks – Chris Liggins

1 pack of notebooks – @ride_like_girls

1 pack of notebooks – Tim Cutler

1 pack of notebooks – James Watson

1 pack of notebooks – Kate Hall

1 pack of notebooks – Carl Dannatt

1 pack of notebooks – Glenn Byford

1 pack of notebooks – @jr1454



Judge tire + Verdict tire (size of winners choice) – Mark Appleyard



Socks, Beanie, Valves, Sealant, Loam Foam, Degreaser, Link Lube, Disc Brake Cleaner, PT17 – @AmyTMTB


Squirt Cycling Products

500ml bottle of Squirt Lube + 1 Liter of Sealant – Loui

500ml bottle of Squirt Lube + 1 Liter of Sealant – Lewis Craik



Oakley Frogskins – @bike_with_h



€20 Voucher – David Symonds

€20 Voucher – Sally Owens

€20 Voucher – Emma Schuster

€20 Voucher – Daisy Adams

€20 Voucher – Tony Carpet



Small frame bag – Zara Phillips

Canister bag – Stan & Will Cawson



Reset Helmet – @bike_with_h



Squad MTB Goggles – Simon Cardwell



Etnies MTB shoes (dependant on stock) – Kitty Clarkson



One year subscription – Chris Fox


Little Rider Co

£25 voucher – Zara Phillips

£25 voucher – Tim Cutler

£25 voucher – Russ Aram



Hoodie – Mani Dhaliwal

Tee – Andrew Davey



Seral 7 – Kris Lisle



Steadyrack – @bike_with_h


Mons Royale

Mintaro 50/50 Neckwarmer – Dave Lyons

Double up reversible neck warmer 9 iron camo – Martin Lambert



Set of Rockstop (winner picks size) – Kris Lisle


Belper Bike Barn

£25 voucher – @bike_with_h

Merida soft shell jacket (medium or large, winner to pay postage) – Chris Fox



Interflon Pro Bike Kit – Ryan McConnachie



1 case of Fud – Stewart Beagen

1 case of Fud – Laura Skinner

1 case of Fud – Dave Hack


MTB Batteries

Lumen800 – Andrew Davey


Outdoor Provisions

18 mix box – Mitchell Banks

18 mix box – @ride_like_girls



Mix box of products – James King



1 Veloeye pack – Posquitto

1 Veloeye pack – Rosco – @themanfrommull

1 Veloeye pack – Stephen Phillips

1 Veloeye pack – Mark Smallwood

1 Veloeye pack – Simon Nelson



£50 gift voucher – Paul Robins



Tee + 2 pairs of socks – Wayne Henderson


Proper Cleaner

General cleaner, greaser starter plus extra refill, fender and stickers – Sean Murphy



2 First aid packs – @G_LO_84

2 First aid packs – Adam Howes-Wray



2021 Jersey – Andrew Davey

2021 Mudguard – Gary Mason

2020 Mudguard – Rowan

2020 Mudguard – Stuart Bowen

2020 Mudguard – Tim Norris

2020 Mudguard – Martyn Bachmet

2020 Mudguard – Colin B



World Map Pack – Mud

World Map Pack – @andrewmccmtb

World Map Pack – Martin Gallagher

World Map Pack – Kris Lisle

World Map Pack – Adrian Langworthy

World Map Pack – Bry

World Map Pack – @priceyT

World Map Pack – Richard Kilsby

World Map Pack – Murray Thomson

World Map Pack – Andrew Davey


Reaper Guards

Mudguard – Matt Saunders

Mudguard – Ryan McConnachie

Mudguard – Annabel Wisley



Prevelo Kids Jersey – Stephen Morrison



Helmetor – Andrew Davey

Helmetor – Kelsey Blackwell



SoftFibre Printed Recycled Towel – Ella Gibbs



Nikwax Cycling Kit – Kane Dare



Custom Engraved Stem Cap – Mark Briggs 



Nano First Aid Kit – Dave Hack


Bike Supply Drop

Supply Drop Muc-Off Personal Protection Bundle – Kane Dare