Tool Tube Plus

When out mountain biking I don’t really like going out with a backpack, saddle bag, frame bag etc obviously for longer rides I have no choice but for short to medium rides I find the Tacx tool tube absolutely perfect especially as for smaller rides I don’t need two bottles of water so the other bottle cage can be used by the tool tube.

It’s very strong and waterproof so it’s fine in all weather and the size is quite deceiving as iv put quite a lot in mine, money, nutrition bar, hex key set, puncture repair kit, tyre lever, extra hex keys, Swiss army knife zip ties, paracetamol and I think if there was anything else I needed I could fit it in!

As hex key sets are probably the most used tool for a biker i’v got quite a few but the Tacx mini allen key set is on of the more well made that iv used, it feels strong and sturdy which most don’t and you feel like you can put force behind them.
The Tacx set is very lightweight to say it comes with 2 tyre levers, 2½, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm Allen keys; +/- screwdriver; Torx T25. The tyre levers are placed nicely on the set but don’t get in the way while still being easily accessible.

And to finish off the set it also comes with a CO2 inflator which you quickly inflate your inner tube in one go without getting your hands cold, these seem to be really trending at the minute so it’s a great addition.

You can view and purchase the Tool Tube Plus here.


This set includes:

  • ToolTube
  • Mini Allen key set
  • CO2 inflator with dose-measuring button
  • 16g CO2 cartridge

ZyroFisher is the UK distributor for Tacx, please click this link to check out the large range of Tacx products.

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