I’ve owned a 661 full face for around 3 years but I’ve never worn it except for around the house when I first purchased it!

Fortunately it has had some use as my son Josh used it on our holiday in Fort William a couple of years ago, since then it’s been gathering dust as we just don’t get the opportunity to ride at venues that require the use of a full face and riding it at the venues we do ride it seemed a little daft. That said, it’s very comfy to wear on the sofa, if not a tad warm due to only having limited vents.

Roll on a couple of years and a planned trip to Bike Park Wales necessitated the purchase of a new full face (I’m not wearing the one our kid ‘borrowed’ from me ) so enter the 661 Reset.


Here’s Six Six One’s take on it….

Evolution of a classic.

A future industry staple, the 661 Reset Full Face helmet has been carefully crafted and developed from the ground up to become the highlight of the 2018 661 range.

Recognisable from any angle, the all new Reset has been created with bold, dramatic features, aggressive angles and strong lead lines while maintaining core ventilation and maximum protection to offer riders a performance, lightweight helmet at an affordable price point.

The Reset features 10+ ventilation ports, enlarged eyeport and specific goggle fitment. The end result of working closely with our Product team, Sponsored Athletes, and Sales force to truly deliver the next step of progression for 661 in the full face helmet market.

Designed as a “Lightweight” Helmet… We’ve refused to tag the Reset with a specific genre, Its versatility to perform for all disciplines a modern rider tackles.
With comfort and fit a priority we outlined a comprehensive size range covering 7 shell sizes from XXS to XXL.

I like 661 kit and I’d seen the Reset reviewed on a few sites beforehand and it struck me as a pretty good value lid. I didn’t want to spend loads as my usage is limited and my wife had just purchased a Bell Super 3R for the trip. The deal was done when Andi from Singletrack mag positively reviewed lid and as I foolishly trust him when the opportunity arose I got hold of a Reset in stealth black…it matches all my kit…which is basically all black 😊

In the box mine came with both medium and large removable and washable padding.

Out of the box the lid is pretty light and looks pretty smart too. It’s got a few vents and fastens via a D strap as opposed to the seatbelt style on a lot of full-face helmets and as per tradition I wore the helmet around the house for a few hours.

First ride was actually a kids coaching session and when I turned up it did raise a few eyebrows with the parent’s 🤣 The kids thought it was cool as they thought we were going to hit the jump park!
I spent a couple of hours walking and riding short distances in the Reset on a warmish 14c morning. The lid felt comfy but felt a bit clammy as there was little opportunity for air flow in the middle of a forest, which wasn’t exactly unexpected.

Straight after this session was an XC ride with my local club Sherwood Pines Cycling Club, again the looks I got and micky taking were as expected  We rode 17 miles through forests and open track in 17c cloudy n sunny conditions and the Reset performed very well, I’d expected to sweat a lot more than I did and I could feel the air coming in through the vents. What surprised me most was the field of vision, it was very good, I wore my 505’s from Rad8MTBglasses and riding through twisty tree lined singletrack wasn’t a problem and I had excellent peripheral vision. Verdict for XC, not really suitable but I could live with it…just not the micky taking 🤣🤣🤣

2nd outing for the Reset was Bike Park Wales in bright, sunny 20c sweaty conditions …so a proper test then.
This time I was wearing my normal glasses with a set of Oakley goggles over the top…pretty much a recipe for disaster I thought? Well I was wrong, even with this set up I had great peripheral vision and though it got a little hot under the goggles I didn’t steam up until I pushed up to the van.
Riding downhill at speed in the Reset was well uninspiring in a very good way as I really didn’t notice I was wearing it…which is how I feel a good helmet should feel.

Riding techy trails means you need to move your whole body about a lot and looking through, round and over the trails and its obstacles is no mean feat when wearing a full face helmet (I rode motorcycles for 16 years and those helmets are defo a weight on your shoulders). I didn’t feel fatigued and the Reset didn’t hinder my constant head movements at all. The venting worked very well which was a godsend as sitting in a hot uplift can get one very sweaty even with your lid off. On the downs I could really feel the cool air coming through the vents and making life much more comfortable in the heat. Verdict for Downhill, does exactly what it needs to do with no fuss and no bother at all…highly recommended if you want a good quality, easy on the eye lid at an affordable price, you can’t go far wrong

Now what dates do we have free for more BPW trips?

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Review written by: Andy Hampshire (Hampy) – #TotalMTB 
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