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Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

Here’s what the manufacturer says.

This trail-worthy tech tee offers exceptional athletic performance and comfort. Our unique fabric blend features superfine Merino wool fibers ringspun around a nylon core, combining all the natural benefits of wool with the softness, durability, and stretch of synthetics.

he Apex Merino Tech Tee features 18.5-micron Merino-Wool, which is ring-spun around a nylon core; the result, washable durability with all the moisture-wicking, anti-stink benefits of Merino Wool. 

Here’s what I think after 200 miles of gravel and MTB riding…

This is the first pukka merino item I’ve ever owned, and I really like it! There I’ve said it, I llove it’s understated styling, it’s relaxed fit, feel, the way it moves riding either a gravel bike or MTB and its wicking properties.

This jersey is designed as a relaxed fit with a longer back suitable for riding, so I went for a large, I’m a medium in casual T’s aka Broken Riders, but a large in typical polyester riding jersey’s aka Endura, so went L and the jersey fitted me spot on. It’s understated looks are perfect for casual rides and not looking like a full on member of any riding clan, I liked this as I felt more relaxed and I don’t feel like I have to conform to any tribe when riding in it, I can just be me. Coupled with the 10” gravel shorts I felt smart, very casual and one of a kind.

It’s proper soft and vey light weight, I love the feel and it glides across the skin, I really didn’t know I was wearing it, it just fitted so well. The first 2 rides where a 76- and 26-mile gravel ride in around 12 to 14c temps and 40mph headwinds. I used a Camelbak Repack hip pack as I carry most of my gear on the gravel bike. I wear vented Endura Po bib shorts so didn’t have much in the way of layers or protection from the elements. There were times when my lower arms got chilly but my chest and back were absolutely fine and the jersey kept my temp very stable. I did get a bit of a back sweat on and this wicked away with ease, the wind probably had a lot to do with it but that’s what happens. Without a backpack this jersey works very well, it is defo on point.

The 3rd ride in this test was a 100-mile XC ride in 26c wearing a Camelbak Mule backpack with full 3lt hydration bladder, snacks n tools on a singlespeed hardtail. This is pretty much par for the course for me. This time things got HOT, at times baking hot, my exposed lower arms at times felt like they were burning. The rest of my torso however didn’t, even with the backpack I didn’t feel uncomfortably hot or wet with sweat, the jersey simply got on with its job of wicking the moisture away and kept me comfortable throughout. When I stopped and removed the backpack at rest stops the merino wicked the sweat away very quickly indeed. My usual riding jerseys are polyester, so I try and ditch the backpack as much as possible. This is because I / they cause me to sweat a lot and it usually end up running down my back and soaking my shorts. This didn’t happen and I’m extremely impressed. After any ride that my back perspires I’m left with a lovely odour which usually means throwing the jersey into the wash, even though it’s clean i.e. no mud etc, as it doesn’t smell clean, if you get my drift? After 200 perspiring miles this jersey smelt as good as it did when I unpacked it, I couldn’t believe this, never had this before especially after wearing a backpack. This jersey really does what it says on the tin. I still put it through a cool hand wash to see what happened and it’s come out absolutely fine. There’s a small amount of surface bobbling in the fabric where my shoulder straps rubbed for the 12 hours of wearing it, this is totally expected as is the same on every jersey I’ve ever owned, so I won’t mark it down because of this.

As for practicality it has a zip pocket on the right side, it’s almost big enough to fit a Samsung A71 with 6.7” screen (minus case) but this isn’t a good thing to do as it will pull the jersey out of shape and irritate you when you ride. It’s defo big enough for keys though again I wouldn’t recommend owt other than a door key plus your bank cards, a snack or even riding glasses.

Overall, as stated I love this jersey and would defo look at purchasing another, its quality kit.

Styling off bike 5 / 5

Styling on bike 5 / 5

Comfort 5 / 5

Practicality 5 / 5

Durability 5 / 5

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Review written by: Andy Hampshire (Hampy) – #TotalMTB 
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