Proper Degreaser by Guy Martin

Well here we are again reviewing a product from Guy Martin and it’s along the same lines as the first product he launched with was the Proper Cleaner, a year on and they’ve developed and launched Proper Degreaser.

The Proper Cleaner was very successful because not only did it work very well but it also helped the environment because you used the same bottle every time but just bought the capsules and added water to create the cleaning solution.
Mountain bikers are very into eco products as we love to spend most of our time on the trails with the trees and fresh air so we care very much about preserving it!
No only do you save on plastic bottles through using the Proper products but the cleaner and degreaser are also it is “100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and is produced under the Eco Label”.

So with pretty much being sold on the above points it was time to see if the Degreaser was as good as the Cleaner at doing it’s job, the main differences I noticed from a few bike washes was the cleaner is quite watery and almost just runs off the bike while taking dirt and grime on the bike whereas the degreaser is a thicker solution once mixed properly and this is so it can sit on the bike instead of running off the bike.
While sat on the bike the degreaser works it’s magic by breaking down the thick and stubborn dirt and grime that the cleaner wasn’t quite able to take, then apply some water and pretty much all the dirt is gone no matter if it was the easy to remove dirt or the more stubborn dirt in the brakes, chain, chain ring etc the degreaser takes care of it pretty well and easy!

You can’t ask more really, a bike product that works while helping the environment in more than one way……. well that’s where you’re wrong because the value for money against the competitors is pretty astounding!
The starter pack, 1.5l, is £10 and the refill £8.50, the equivalent product from Muc-Off is £11 for 500ml online. They offer 3 times the product for less money, especially when you go with the refill!

Please take a closer look the Proper Degreaser here.


Further Info

12 months on from the launch of our General Cleaner & 6 months later than planned, Proper Degreaser from Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin is here!

We know you’re asking, “What took so long?” Well, making a degreaser in liquid form is reasonably straightforward & there are plenty of chemical companies in the UK who can do it for you. Send them a sample of one you like, tell them the colour & smell you want and you can have a product quite quickly.

However, it’s not so simple with our water soluble capsules. Not only does it have to clean correctly & not attack your finishes, it also has to mix evenly in the bottle, have the correct consistency to go through the machine and not dissolve the sachets!

Drop the sachet into the empty bottle, fill it half way with water, put on the trigger and shake. Remove the trigger, fill to the line with water and you’re good to go. Wet what you want to clean. Spray it onto your chain, cassette, sprocket, chainring or anything else you need degreased. Give it 3 – 4 min to work, a quick scrub with a brush or chain cleaning machine & rinse off with water. Simple as that!



Starter Pack: £10 for 1.5 litres. (£6.66 per litre)


Product Info

  • 750 ml bottle and 2 Capsules (making 750 ml each).
  • Ideal for cleaning Chains, Cassettes, Sprockets & Chainrings
  • Safe on Paint, Anodising, Plastics and Rubber Seals
  • Alkaline based & contains no solvents, acids or CFCs
  • The liquid is 100% biodegradable, vegan friendly and is produced under the Eco Label
  • Capsules can be used up to 3 years after the date on the back of the resealable pouch
  • Not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates.
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.


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Review written by: Ryan O – #TotalMTB Founder
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