Olfi - one.five 4K Action Camera

After borrowing a GoPro for a couple of weeks but couldn’t bring myself to part £400 and thats without spending an extra £140 on the accessories I wanted, I then learnt about one.five from Olfi!

At first the one.five sounded to good to be true and usually when thats the case it probably is!

The features that one.five promises for just £149 are quite extraordinary:
4K Ultra High Definition
16 Megapixel Photos
30M Waterproof
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Digital Stabilisation
Slow Motion
Rear LCD Screen
Sony Exmor-R™ Sensor
Small and Lightweight

So with the above features and the price it’s advertised at I just had to see how it performs and if all the promises are met.

Before I opened and saw the camera for the first time I was expecting the camera to be one of the biggest small action cameras due to the LCD screen on the back however I was very pleasantly surprised as the camera is surprising small and extremely light! You can see front the image on the left just how small it is.

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You can learn more about the Olfi one.five, all the technical features and purchase it here.

Straight away out of the box I just had to test the 4K and HDR just to see what kind of quality was on offer, I wasn’t let down by the statements on the website.

As I will be doing most videos while mountain biking doing quite fast moving sections and scenery I opted for 1080p as this option provides 60FPS (Frames Per Second) instead of 4K at 24FPS so the quality is just off but you get such a smoother video.

The extra detail that one.five can provide through the HDR option is just that little bit extra to put your videos above everyone else’s in terms of video quality.

Not many people mention the sound quality of action cameras because obviously the main thing you want in an action camera is great video footage but with the one.five the sound the excellent to compliment the amazing video.

Olfi have a great range of accessories so no matter what the occasion, weather, terrain, sport, event and even you adrenaline junkies out there, there is a accessories to help you catch the amazing footage to remind you, show family or show the world through social media.

See the full range of Olfi accessories here.

The next feature I was excited about is that its waterproof, unlike other action cameras you do need to put the camera into a waterproof casing however I haven’t seen that as a downside, I actually keep the casing on all the time as it acts as a protective case from bangs, crashes and smashes!

The Olfi app that is free to download is extremely simple and easy to use and in this day and age with social media and people wanting photos and videos online straight away the Olfi app is perfect, you can view and download media straight to your phone and ready to upload and share within seconds!

You can learn more about the company here.

There are so many individual modes you can select which help the video experience like going under water for example, on some cameras going under water the footage gets an untrue colour distortion however when you select the underwater mode it applies a slightly red filter so when you see the footage back it looks perfect.

The user experience way using the one.five is one of if not the best iv used, the four buttons plus the LCD screen on the back makes navigation through the options and selecting options so simple.

In conclusion to say i’m impressed is an understatement! To say Olfi is a relatively young company that have produced such a fantastic action camera that looks and works great. There isn’t much that the one.five can’t do and you can tell it’s be designed and built by a passionate team because from the product itself to the features and even the app it is extremely good. How they have done all the above for just £149 is beyond me and at that price it is a must buy!! I can’t wait to see what they do next, Olfi is certainly a company to keep a close eye on.

You can watch a range of tutorials on how to use one.five’s features on YouTube here.

Whats included:
1x Olfi one.five Camera
1 x Lithium Ion Battery
1x 30M Waterproof Case
1x Frame Housing
1x Short 90º Connector
1x Long 90º Connector
1x J Clip
1x Short Clip
2x Short Screws
1x Long Screw
1x Curved 3M Adhesive Base
1x Flat 3M Adhesive Base
1x Carry Case
1x USB Cable
1x Free Smartphone App

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