The Z LOK is one of those inventions you think why didn’t I think of that, it is so clever and simple!

Cable ties are one of the most used devices on the planet and to make one that is reusable is not only a game changer for design and security but also the environment as you won’t be using many and throwing them away once used as you can’t use them again!

Yes the Z LOK isn’t going to keep everything out but that’s the point of it, it’s there for a little added security while you’re in the shops or cafe for a short time or keeping items together.

The beauty is that it is good as a lightweight quick bike chain replacement however it can be used for so many other day to day things as Hiplok show on their website.

And for me the best thing about it is the price point, for something so clever, reusable and well made it seems to me at £14.99 it’s a bargain!


Listening to feedback
It is not often you see a company listening to customers feedback and changing their product so quickly and for the better!

I had recently seen a review which stated the Z LOK only came with one key “so lose it and you’re stuffed” and I must say the that they has not only listened to this but taken it on board very well. I received two keys and both are all metal so very strong and sturdy. This is VERY impressive from a company in the current era!


Top Features:
Double locking mechanism
Reinforced steel core
Universal release key
Armoured reusable cable tie


You can view and purchase the Z LOK here.

Use code ‘TOTALMTB15’ for 15% discount.


Specifications (as taken from Hiplok’s website)
Description: Secured Reusable Armoured Zip Tie for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment.
Security Level: Low Risk
Security Rating: N/A
Product Specification: Double sided ratchet design, reinforced steel core, universal release key.
Weight: 20g
Locking Size: 40cm locking diameter


Please take a closer look at the great company here.


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