Aussie Grit Apparel

Mens Flint Biking Shorts

Aussie Grit’s signature performance fit off road riding short with innovative ‘Anchor’ waistband linking inner with outer

When you’re riding off road the last thing you want to be thinking about is the shorts you’ve got on. That’s why we spent a long time in the saddle creating a two-in-one cycle short, with all the comfort of a road riding short and the protection of a mountain bike short. So you can enjoy what matters most: the environment around you

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Broken Riders

Men’s Reef Red Eggplant Bamboo Tee

Broken Riders Hand Drawn logo in reef red, printed on 100% organic eggplant bamboo t-shirt.

Super-soft natural bamboo MTB tech t-shirt to keep you warm or cool you down. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo also reduce body odours, keeping you stink-free in the pub after your sweaty ride.

Fitted men’s fit, fantastic quality and kinder to the planet. The perfect technical t-shirt to wear while riding. Our natural bamboo is super-soft and has excellent moisture wicking properties, helping to keep you warm in winter or cool in summer.

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Quad Lock

Bike Kit

The Quad Lock® iPhone Bike Mount is the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount on the market.
The tough, polycarbonate core and impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell protects your iPhone from everyday activities. For extra protection from rain, mud, sweat, extreme weather and impact, slip on the Quad Lock® Poncho.
The patented dual-stage lock is strong enough to lift up to 80 kg (yes, we really tested it!). So you can ride with confidence over bumps and jumps knowing that your iPhone isn’t going anywhere your bike isn’t.
Simply twist and lock to view apps such as Strava®, MapMyRide or Apple® maps as you ride.

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WTB – Wilderness Trail Bikes

PadLoc Grips

The WTB Padloc Clydesdale grip provides comfort and support for the rider with larger hands. The Padloc system uses an inner, wedge shaped sleeve to lock the grip to the bar, whilst a layer of wedge shaped rubber provides comfort in the sensitive area of the ulnar nerve.

– Ergonomic flat bar grip, specifically designed for riders with larger hands
– Inner sleeve locks the grip securely to the bar
– Wedged shaped rubber provides comfort and support

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Ass Savers

Ass Saver Big

Our wide saddle mudguard for maximum butt protection. Suitable for gravel or MTB tires up to 55 mm. Tool-free setup in no-time!
Designed especially for wide tires, the Ass Savers Big is here to protect you from mud and dirt all day long. Use it with your MTB, gravel bike or your daily commuter, it doesn’t care!
The new FLIP-TIP™ lock mechanism will ensure that your Ass Saver Big will stay put no matter how rough roads you ride. Totally redesigned, it’s stronger, longer and more colourful than ever before.
Have no doubt, the fourth generation of Ass Savers is your new best friend. Easy to hook up with, never being a burden and always there to cover your back, no matter what.

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