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I have been looking at various wireless headphones for a wile but due to a number of reasons, cost, reviews and rumours (mainly that there is a dip in quality between wired and wireless) I haven’t managed to find the perfect wireless headphones to buy and then I tried Damson’s Headspace……

Noise cancelling – Previous to the Headspace I was using the Beats By Dre Solo 2 wired and the noise cancelling was very good but the Headspace is a lot better, i’m not sure of the technology they use to cancel so much noise out but it works. And because so much noise isn’t let through the music is so clear!

Quiet for other people – One of the main downsides to most headphones now-a-days is they are powerful and have noise cancelling but unfortunately if you like to listen to the music fairly loud it becomes an annoyance to people around you which if you’re at home with family or on public transport it isn’t great. The Headspace on the other hand does let a little noise through when and maximum volume but nothing like the other headphones iv experienced.

HD Sound – I think partly down the noise cancelling technology is just the amazing sound! Like I said earlier I have seen on our review websites and TV shows that when no wired up wireless headphones lack in quality but that isn’t the case with the Headspace. The music is so clear and the bass is unreal, just shut your eyes while listening and its like you’re in the recording room with the favourite artist or stood on the front row at your favourite bands concert.

Comfy – When I received the headphones the second thing I test and the second most important thing about headphones is how comfy that are, you could have the most amazing headphones but if they are horrible to wear you won’t wear them but fortunately the headspace are as comfy as they are great with sound quality.

16 hour play back – Thankfully there is a big duration for play back so theres no need to worry about losing your music if travelling so where if you don’t have your charger. It is quite hard to believe just how long the headphones last and if a company claims something we have to test their statements but thankfully they weren’t wrong.

Microphone – Take a lot of phone while you have your headphones on? Well the guys at Damson have even thought about this and have built in a microphone into the headphones so you can stay wireless.

Look – In todays time looks are just as important as the quality of product so its great that as well as the quality the look is also up there with the best. The black padding with brushed metal components complement each other so well and look so sleek.

Feel – While the padding areas are very comfy the brushed metal components not only look great but make the headphones so solid so you aren’t worried if you were to unfortunately drop or bang them and even though they are solid in they are extremely light.

What more could you want?!

You can view and purchase the Headspace headphones here.

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  • XD Audio
  • Robust metal design
  • Removable ear cups
  • Up to 16 hours playback
  • On board controls
  • Foldable design for easy transportation
  • Includes protective carry case

Tech Specs

  • XD Audio Active Noise Cancelling Software
  • Bluetooth V4 with low latency
  • 40mm triple drivers
  • Multi-Point Connection (Supports 2 device connections at the same time)
  • Up to 16 Hours playback via built in Lithium Ion Battery
  • Charge time 2 – 3 hours via micro-USB
  • Tri-rotation ear cups
  • Removable and replaceable ear-cups
  • Frequency response from 20hz – 20khz
  • Aux-In/3.5mm Jack for wired playback (e.g. connect to an airlines In Flight Entertainment)
  • Net weight 322grams / 11.35oz
  • Wireless remote control – no line of sight required

In the box

  • Damson HeadSpace
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Aux Cable
  • Carry Case


Headbones 2 Pro

We are very excited to be reviewing the new Damson Headbones 2 Pro in the near future and these are high tech headphones suited specifically to listen to music while exercising………

Always Alert

Enjoy your favourite music and still hear what’s going on around you. Headbones 2 Pro sit in front of the ears and use bone conduction technology to deliver the sound. And because they don’t block your ears, you’ll always stay safe and alert.

How It Works

People are amazed at the sound quality when they first try Headbones 2 Pro. Even though the headphones don’t sit in the ears, you’ll still hear perfectly great audio. Unlike traditional headphones, Headbones 2 Pro uses the temporal bone in front of the ear to send vibrations to the inner ear, maximising your enjoyment of sound and music.

Feel The Freedom

Running, cycling or swimming, with up to six hours playback and a built-in audio player with 4GB memory, this is the only device you need to power your workout. Now you don’t need to compromise when cycling or walking to work either. You can enjoy great music and stay safe with Headbones 2 Pro.

Stay Connected

Make hands-free calls when you’re out and about thanks to the microphone and Bluetooth connectivity built into Headbones 2 Pro. Compatible with Siri, Google Voice and Cortana, you can control your phone without pausing your workout.

Waterproof Up To Three Metres

Heavy rain, sweat, or the swimming pool; wet conditions are no problem for Headbones 2 Pro. Built to withstand even the most rigorous workout, these versatile headphones will even take you from the start to the finish of a triathlon.

Choose Your Position

Discover a perfect fit with Headbones’ two-position design. Wear over the head when running or walking, or behind the head when swimming or cycling.

You can read more about Damson’s Headbones 2 Pro here.


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