Mazer Vigil Pack

Upon receipt of the Chrome Vigil backpack the first thing that is apparent is the extremely high quality of construction – this is a very well put together and thought out piece of kit. With chunky zip pulls a sturdy carry handle and nicely padded shoulder straps the quality is everywhere you look.

The Vigil is a ‘commuter’ type of rucksack with an inter city journey in mind and the Vigil appears to be a very good choice for that.

I have ridden to work with this backpack now for a couple of months and it has also endured a flight to Rome and back to the UK where I am based and has returned completely unscathed.

It very easily swallows all of my riding kit within its voluminous 25 litre capacity including my change of clothes for work and there is a separate compartment to carry your laptop.

The bag is secured by means of a single chest strap which fits comfortably and like on most rucksacks can be adjusted to suit the wearer.

There is no waist strap however and, why this is no deal breaker, I found it to be a bit unsettling at first as all previous packs I have ridden with have this feature, but this is more common on mountain bike specific packs to stop it jumping around while hurtling downhill – not something the Vigil user would probably have in mind!

The bag however does stay steady and once secured down is firmly in place and is very comfortable to wear with no notice of the straps rubbing the shoulders.

One thing I did notice during warmer rides was a heat build up between the pack and my back and had I not had a change of clothes and was riding in a shirt and already dressed for work this could’ve been an issue.

The top and bottom of the pack feature a hard wearing material and this staves off any problems caused by dragging or scraping the pack.

I must also comment that this pack is extremely good at warding off the elements and has survived numerous commutes to work in the rain with all of the contents inside remaining dry upon my arrival to work.

The one downside however for some may be the price tag.

At £160 this pack is expensive undoubtedly but – if you are looking for a pack that will survive all you can throw at it and will survive constant use on your daily commute then you don’t really need to look any further.

Sure a pack could be purchased for a fraction of the price but as previously stated the construction and excellent quality will see you owning a pack that will last a very long time and would give an excellent return for your money.

And for these reasons I would highly recommend it. A very nicely put together and very desirable rucksack.

Good work Chrome.

Review written by: Lewis – #TotalMTB Photography and Videography

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