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flint Trail Jersey

I was very impressed when I reviewed Aussie Grit Apparel’s first flint biking jersey as you can see here. When I heard they were updating a few items from their first range and the jersey was included in the update I actually wasn’t sure how they could improve on the first one.

I really liked the look of the first jersey especially the terrain lines on the front and back but the new one looks even better, there isn’t any small details like terrain lines but its simple and impressive with the bright and black. A seriously nice looking jersey!

The main changes are in the fabric they have used with probably the most noticeably being the merino blend chest plate which is a real stand out feature.
It not only wicks sweat away and is fast drying but impressively has core temperature regulation which will keep you cool when its warm and warm when it’s cold.

The other addition through the fabric is “extra stretch fabric” which if you regularly change from seated and standing positions on your bike it gives that extra help in keeping your jersey from staying exactly where you want it and not riding up which can be extremely annoying.

It is great that as well as adding this great new fabric but that have kept the great features of the previous jersey also including:

  • Snagg proof
  • Long tail
  • Silicon around the bottom
  • Three pockets
  • Reflective logo
  • Auto locking zip with zip cover

So in summery this is an extremely effective jersey for biking in all conditions and elements while looking so so nice.

Please take a closer look at the trail jersey here.


Functional Benefits

  • Performance merino blend chest plate provides core temperature regulation, wicking and fast drying benefits
  • Extra stretch fabric allowing jersey to morph from standing to riding position without bunching or pulling
  • Durable fabric used to reduce chance of snagging/tearing through contact with branches/elements
  • Ample storage with three perfectly placed pockets
  • Longer tail to protect from mud and dirt
  • Reflective for visibility at night
  • Zip garage to eliminate direct contact between chin and zip puller
  • Soft feel, tapered collar allowing for ideal comfort

Technical Construction

  • Performance merino blend ‘chest plate’ panel
  • Four way stretch fabrics
  • Soft touch durable jersey fabric to wick water away from skin and dry quickly
  • Soft touch thread used on seams to prevent chafing
  • Reinforced pocket anchor to ensure maximum storage capacity
  • Partial flatlock seams allowing additional aesthetic appeal
  • Three rear pockets


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