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Atlanta 2.0 Hardtail

Before I had even gone out for a ride on the bike I was quite shocked at the weight of the bike, I knew it was carbon and therefore it was going it be lightweight but I didn’t quite think it was going soooo lightweight!
Usually being lighter in weight is a good thing for most products but with mountain biking especially on tough uphill and downhill terrain it’s better if the bike has a bit of weight about it as you know it’s not going to break if and when theres contact with a rock or hard objects.
I went to a couple of uphill and downhill sections near me where I could really test the bike and I had to do a few runs downhill before I was confident in pushing the limits of the bike, obviously due to the carbon frame you have an extremely light bike but with the strength of the usual mountain bike frames.

Another noticeable component of the bike is the huge bottom bracket, when pedalling it did feel like I got a bigger boost than usual and it felt like it was making pedalling a lot easier and smoother however I would have liked to have done a test with the same bike but with a normal bottom bracket to really so how much it makes a difference.

With the steep head tube angle, shorter rear chainstays and the short distance from handle bar wheel it really it a quite compact bike and each component is closer to the rider.
It may not look and feel like your typical mountain bike however due to the lightness of the bike with the components of the bike close to you it means you can put and push the bike exactly where you want on the trials which means when going downhill your time and speed will be faster as you can find and perfect the best and smoothest line down the trail!

You can see and purchase the American Eagle bike here.


More info:

The Atlanta 2.0 is a race-ready hardtail designed for speed and efficiency. The steep head tube angle, combined with shorter rear chainstays, make this mountain bike fast and responsive. An oversized BB30 bottom bracket optimizes power transfer and the overall frame geometry so it can best perform with its slender seatstays that work in conjunction with a 27.2 mm seatpost to make the ride more comfortable. The name Atlanta 2.0 is obvious… a salute to Bart Brentjens’ spectacular victory at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where he wrote history by becoming the first ever Mountain Bike Olympic gold medalist, flying on his American Eagle.


Carbon 29” hardtail frame, designed by Bart Brentjens

  • Toray and Matrix T700/T800 carbon composite
  • Race geometry, excels in climbing, cornering and accelerating
  • Lightweight (950 grams for 17,5 inch size)
  • 27.2mm seatpost
  • 1 by only frame
  • Boost (148mm) rear fork
  • BB30 bracket
  • Internal cable routing
  • 25 years of mountain-bike experience


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