WORTH THE WAIT: 100% Unveils Next Generation ARMEGA Goggles

100% Takes All Three AMA Supercross Championships and Resets Benchmark for Motocross Goggles

San Diego, CA (May 8, 2019) – Fresh from clinching all three AMA Supercross titles last Saturday night (Cooper Webb, Chase Sexton & Dylan Ferrandis), 100% seized the opportunity to launch the revolutionary ARMEGA Goggle Collection today. These innovative goggles feature exclusive ULTRA HD optical lens clarity, previously unavailable in motocross goggles.

“The first time I tested them, I completed a lap and then pulled off the track” explained Cooper Webb. “It really is like you’re seeing everything for the first time; the track is SO vivid. So many details, it’s almost overwhelming. Once you ride a few more laps, you get used to it quickly and then it’s impossible to go back to original lenses. The ARMEGA helps you see more of what matters.”

Beyond clarity, the ARMEGA’s fused, dual-injection frame features six different retention points to completely secure the ULTRA HD lens in place. Additionally, the frame has two latching, push-lock (quick change system) points to ease lens swaps with a couple of simple clicks. This system locks the lens with full vertical and horizontal security, making it the only goggle of its kind.

In the early days of the ARMEGA project, there was one expression – one sentiment – that kept echoing through the halls at 100%. Creative Director and co-founder Marc Blanchard stated, “If you want something you’ve never had; you have to do something you’ve never done.”

The ARMEGA’s frame incorporates a new sweat management system that collects and moves sweat away from the face foam and outside the goggle through an integrated sweat channel. Also, forced air intakes (in the frame) promote increased airflow to allow fog-free riding and reduced humidity as super plush triple-density foam helps cushion the goggle for a perfect riding position.

“Motocross is the most brutal sport I know” explained motocross legend Bevo Forte. “With the ARMEGA, I am amazed to see how many solutions we’re bringing. One thing is for certain – we are definitely raising the game in our sport”.

Further utilizing optical technologies from their award-winning eyewear collections, 100% also offers the ARMEGA with HiPER contrast-enhancing lens technology. These lenses help filter out crossover distortions from the three primary colours humans see (red, green and blue). The resulting lenses offer ramped up contrast; helping riders experience unmatched depth-perception and detail in the goggle’s field of view.

The ARMEGA Goggle Collection is available worldwide from today.


Armega Features

The ARMEGA offers unparalleled dominance for the modern racer: bringing ULTRA HD lens clarity to motocross.  Experience definition never before viewed through the lens of a goggle with increased impact protection and a quick-release lens changing system.  ARMEGA.  The pinnacle of vision technology.

  • Available in either ULTRA HD or HiPER lens options
  • Category defining ULTRA HD lens provides unmatched optical clarity
  • Quick-release system offers simple lens changing capability
  • 6-point locking tabs integrate with quick-change system maximizing lens retention
  • Injection-moulded 2mm impact-rated, shatter-resistant lens
  • Bonded, dual-injection frame construction maximizes strength and durability
  • Force air intake ports increase circulation and maximize humidity evacuation
  • Contouring compression seal technology to keep goggles in place
  • Next generation sweat collection management and drainage system
  • Perforated triple-layer face foam manages sweat and increases ventilation
  • Ultra-wide 48mm strap with thick silicon bead for maximum grip
  • Removable nose guard for extra deflection against roost and debris



Our signature 100% ULTRA HD lenses are the result of decades of passion, design, craftsmanship and research.  Through extensive development and testing, we’ve engineered category defining technology bringing unmatched optical clarity to motocross.

As the lens of choice for the world’s best racers, ULTRA HD integrates with a shatterproof and impact resistant polycarbonate material moulded specifically for zero optical distortion.  The result is a lens that’s engineered to maximize protection while maintaining the clearest, most accurate vision on the track.

ULTRA HD.  The next revolution in motocross vision technology.


Armega Goggle – ULTRA HD

Colour: Lightsaber

SRP £89.99 (Clear) £99.99 Red Mirror)



It’s simple. Humans see three primary colours – Red, Green and Blue.

Human vision begins to distort where these three colours overlap.

100% HiPER Lenses proprietarily filter out these crossovers, resulting in greater contrast and even more vibrant colours.

By ramping up contrast, riders experience depth-defining vision with unmatched perception to feel every detail of terrain before commanding past it.


Armega Goggle – HiPER

Colour: Falcon 5

SRP £119.99


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