WTB - Koda Saddle

Bike saddles are one of those things that you could spend quite a bit of money trying, testing and still not being quite happy with it and especially if you are on a long ride it needs to be comfy and it could make or break the ride.

This saddle is designed and tested mainly by Women however it is a unisex saddle and with features and review by Rebecca Rusch I had to give it a go.

Even after the great reviews and features listed I was slightly worried by the lack of padding when I received the saddle, but I am very glad I trusted the reviews and features as this saddle is the one, so no more buying saddles for me!

WTB have spent time designing this saddle with a number of pro cyclists to find out what makes the saddle almost perfect and making tweaks where needed.

Although the padding doesn’t look much they have strategically placed the padding so its minimal but extremely effective and the open middle section means your important parts are just a comfy and relaxed as you bum.

They have even thought about the length of the nose on the saddle in the way it sometimes catches your shorts when moving backwards and forwards on the saddle!

I must admit while out on a bumpy test ride I even forgot to focus in on how comfy the saddle was and usually all I am thinking is the pain of every bump I go over, surely that shows just how good it is.

Lastly as well as being extremely comfy it also looks stylish so you can have the best of both worlds of being comfy while being stylish, what more could you want!

You can view and purchase the Koda saddle here.



  • All-day comfort with a generously open channel dividing supportive outer zones to alleviate pressure on your sensitive bits.
  • Short nose provides seamless on-off transitions while a slightly swooped shape provides an adequate tail to brace against.

Usage: Cross Country Racing / Road / All Mountain / Enduro

Sizing: Medium 142 x 265mm, Wide 150 x 265mm


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