Wall-Mounted Helmetor

The Helmetor is one of those products that make your life so much simpler and easier but you had never thought about the problem until you used Helmetor!

It was designed by two brothers who wanted a place or device to store their helmets when not in use in a secure, neat way while still being easily accessible.

As they had a background in design and engineering and a love for cycling what better combination to start with to solve the problem they had!

After a few prototypes the final perfected Helmetor was ready to make all cyclists lives easier no matter if you’re a mountain biker, roady or just commuting to work, if you’ve got a bike its for you!

The Helmetor is a very well thought out designed product which is simple but very effective, after a ride you simple hook your helmet onto the Helmetor through a vent in the helmet and it’s secure and when you need your helmet you simple pull down and off.

It is a very strong design in which even if you tried to pull the helmet off you’d struggle and for extra security you could lock the other side of the Helmetor (inside the helmet) and it’s almost thief proof secure.

As well all the above the Helmetor looks great when not in use and even comes in a range of colours, it is a must buy for a cyclist.

You can see and purchase Helmetor here


Some may say why not just put your helmet on a shelf?:

Space: My helmet would require 280 x 230mm of shelf space v’s the 5x85mm of Helmetor .. also consider the size of the vacant space when the helmet is in use.

Versatility: Helmetor can nearly be attached anywhere, vans, cars, doors it’s base plate is only 27mm in diameter… shelves however… and if your helmet has a vent 30-65mm it will work with Helmetor …so most helmets…

Airing: Apart from the small contact points of the Helmetor inside one vent… moisture isn’t being trapped in any other way..

Scuffing, etc: The approximate contact area Helmetor will ever have with your helmet is (5mm x 15mm) x2 from each of the two arms..which is tiny compared to the  shelf SA, the wall behind and other objects that might be on the shelf..

Security: Most importantly, as careful as I’ve been I have accidentally knocked my helmet off a shelf and onto the floor, a 6 foot drop  is quite an impact – certainly according to some helmet manufacturers reason enough to throw the helmet in the binc- Seths Bike Hacks demonstrates the security of Helmetor by hitting his attached helmet with a hammer – only Seth –  the helmet DID NOT come off Helmetor but remained secure…

Strength: check www.helmetor.com and you’ll be surprised at the video evidence..


More info

  • Due to its intuitive patented design, its lower arm acts like a leaf spring allowing Helmetor®  to hold the helmet using a single air vent between(this may vary depending on helmet type) 30mm to 65mm long.
  • It is easy to use, attaching a helmet securely in one, swift, single-handed movement.
  • lockable
  • secured with two screws (supplied)


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