Our founding belief is that every one should have access to exceptional quality, delicious, real food to fuel their active lifestyle & endurance exercise.

Panforte Power

Veloforte is based on an ancient Italian fortifier…Panforte. A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices and a speciality of Siena in Tuscany.

Panforte has been made by generations of the Giusti family and our recipe is a fiercely guarded secret.

The earliest references to Panforte date back to the 13th century. Baked by spice sellers, who were the pharmacists of the day, it was held in high regard not only as a food but also as a cure, a fortifying cake to restore health & vitality, by virtue of the presence of spices.

It is documented that during the Crusades, Panforte was carried by the Legions to power them through the long treks into foreign lands – perfect for it’s robust form and long life span.

Our Veloforte bars very closely resemble that of the ancient recipe, the nuts have been chopped more finely & the Brandy has been swapped for freshly squeezed citrus juices, but essentially, what powered the Romans is what will power you.

Founded in 2016

Marc & Lara Giusti launched Veloforte in the spring of 2016. Marc is a seasoned rider and living proof of the power of Veloforte… his last two big rides were the Rapha Manchester to London – a one-day 250 mile ride in 14 hours, and 800km with over 39,000ft of climbing across Mallorca & Ibiza – performing ‘bonk and indigestion free’ thanks to a steady supply of hand-made Veloforte.

Lara is responsible for our Veloforte range, with 20 years experience as a specialist CardioRespiratory Physiotherapist (Bsc Hons, MSc) she understands exactly what the body needs to fuel, sustain and recover from endurance exercise.

She is also an award winning accomplished Chef, who is inventive and passionate about the power of real food; the honesty of good Italian cooking; fantastic fresh raw ingredients and the balance of flavours and textures, prepared with care to enhance life and wellbeing.