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Instinct Pedal

Welsh made Unite Components have made a huge number of considerations when designing this fantastic instinct pedal. Now, I’m far from a pedal expert, but these bad boys keep your foot (and you) on the bike even in the roughest terrain and they look pretty snazzy too.

The 10 pins each side and concave design meant that I had no grip issues regardless of Wales’ muddy conditions. The grub screws with a hollow centre create an incredible amount of grip because they’re small and sharp, so much so that it was sometimes difficult to adjust the position of my foot when I needed to… If you’re someone who spends a lot of time riding on rocky terrain these guys will have no problem keeping your foot in place, but your pins are likely to take a good bashing (we-heeeey). Being able to remove them easily is a huge benefit, and unite have got that covered by incorporating a bottom mounted design so they thread in from the underneath, making pins easy to be taken off and replaced when they’re totally mashed.

They have a large open platform with lots of cutouts which prevents mud and loam from setting up camp and damaging your pedals, and the concave design keeps your foot centred on descents or on the gruelling grind up steep climbs. As a female rider, I probably (but no judgements here) have smaller feet than lots of guys that’ll be reading this. The platform is pretty generous whilst remaining comparably light (113 x 102mm at 219 g each), so if not being a little big for me, will keep the largest of feet in place.

You can sport your own pair of these babies in red, orange, blue, purple, green and black, all of which have a high quality vibrant finish (though I’m interested in how the colours will wear; will keep you updated). Unite also offer a personal engraving service and in-house servicing to keep your flats running prime which seems to be pretty unique to these guys, and let’s just face it, is a pretty sweet deal.

In conclusion, these flats simply feel so solid and secure underfoot and apart from my shins being absolutely terrified (we all know they’re gonna take a good chunk of flesh out at some point) I think they offer everything a great pedal should. You can check out more details and other customisable products (did someone say personalised stem caps?!) by heading over to their website, you can see all their customisable products including the pedals and stem caps here https://uniteco.bike/product-category/customisable-products/ Go check it out!

Peace out, @little_row.

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Review written by: Rowan Kaya – #TotalMTB 
Instagram: @Little__Row

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