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Name: Stanley Cawson
Location: East Midlands, UK
Years riding: 4 1/2
Favorite trails: High Voltage and Lower Cliff, Cannock and Cheese Roller, FlyUp417
Dream trail: Whistler!!!
Why I mountain bike: To have fun, to make new friends and to keep active and healthy
What I enjoy when not riding: Reading, I’m a real book worm and building dens!
Favorite trail snack: Kit-Kat Chunky (preferably Dad’s!!) and Jelly Beans
MTB Heroes: Danny MacAskill and Loic Bruni


Name: Colby Ameden
Location: Georgetown, CO USA
Years riding: 27
Favorite trail: Porcupine Rim Moab, UT
Why I mountain bike: I love the solitude and peace of mind it provides. Also a great way to stay healthy while seeing some amazing sights along the way. Oh yea, and I like to go fast.
What I enjoy when not riding: Skiing, hiking, camping, traveling, seeing live music.
Favorite trail snack?: pocket bacon and pure Vermont maple syrup!


Name: Daisy Adams
Location: Bristol
Years riding: 1.5 on my pedal bike
Favorite trail: kermit at bike park wales!
Why I mountain bike: because I love puddles and I want to jump like a superhero 😁
What I enjoy when not riding: Dancing to any music all the time and having storys read to me
Favorite trail snack?: haribo i like hearts and rings best



Name: Ian
Location: Derbyshire
Years Riding: 30+
Favourite Trail: Jacobs Ladder in the Peak District
Why I ride: I love the feeling of exploring and freeness I get from MTB I don’t think any other activity gives me that feeling
When not riding: Tinkering on my bike, playing on the PS4, listening to music.
Favourite trail snack: The classic Jelly Babies

Insta, YouTube

Name: Andy Hampshire
Location: East Midlands
Years riding: 50+ on and off-road, clunkers and the like with 10 years as an MTB skills coach
Favorite trail: Anywhere off-grid in Scotland
Why I mountain bike: It’s fun
What I enjoy when not riding: MTB coaching, cooking, baking, tinkering with bikes
Favorite trail snack?: Cake of course!


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