What is #TotalDream?

#TotalDream is where we find or hear about people in the MTB community that either do a lot for the MTB community, have gone through a tough time, have had something stolen or are a young shredder and you want to further inspire them.

We find out what they want or like to do and no matter how big or small it is we ‘try’ our best to sort it out for them.

We hope this provides joy and happiness not only for the person receiving the surprise but also our community who see them receive it on social media especially with how things are at the moment in the world.

If you know someone who deserves a surprise and you know what they’d like please get in touch with us via social media.

We don’t expect anything for free from brands for this project so if you’d like to donate to this project so we can buy or put towards surprises you can do so by clicking here.

If you’re a brand that would like to get involved and surprise someone please get in touch with us via social media.

Thank you 🙂


I found out that a young girl named Molly (from @team_kostka) had a cycling hero which was @tracy_moseley as you can see from the work she did for school about her hero

I contacted Tracy to ask if she could send a signed @tmoracing tee to Molly and she was more then happy to.

Molly received the surprise and as you can see she loved it.

Thank you again Tracy for making it happen.

Please click here to see the video of her opening the surprise.


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