Versant 50L Men

I’m not sure if i’m part of a minority however I would rather have a large backpack for really long bike rides/overnight bike rides then have panniers etc.
For myself I don’t like adding weight and unbalancing the bike as then it doesn’t perform to its usual standards or what your used to.

So for me the Thule Versant 50L backpack is perfect as its not the biggest backpack you can get (90L being the biggest), I haven’t as yet filled it to capacity so so far it has been absolutely fine on my back, I will have to test how I cope when it is full.

It is extremely comfy while wearing it and you can easily lend it to someone who has completely different build as it is very adjustable to suit.

As the bag will mainly be used outside Thule have added a StormGuard system and removable VersaClick waterproof rolltop pocket to keep everything safe from the elements!
Even while the weather cover is on you can still easily get access to the side pockets, it sounds simple and obvious but i’v seen a lot of companies not think about this and make life a little more difficult when the weather turns.

If you have stopped and settled somewhere either for a break or the night and want to take a bag but not the full 50L you can as the top lid converts to a sling pack.

As well as the above the other positive is that it’s actually designed for walking with even though I use it mostly for biking, so I find I can quite easily use it for long walks or rides.

The are quite a lot of hidden and clever features the bag has that I haven’t mentioned but you can see all the features listed below, on their website or on the video below.

Overall it is an excellent biking or walking companion being lightweight, tough, durable, lots of space and a lot of clever and well thought features!

Please take a closer look at the backpack here.



  • Easily customizable for a perfect fit with 12cm/4.75in of torso and 10cm/4in of hipbelt adjustability
  • Removable, VersaClick waterproof rolltop pocket keeps gear safe from elements (other VersaClick hipbelt accessories sold separately)
  • StormGuard system of partial rain cover with a waterproof bottom liner that allows easier access, keeps gear drier, and is more durable than a traditional rain cover
  • Side pockets are easily accessible even with rain cover on
  • Top lid converts to a sling pack for summit hikes
  • Large U-zip panel allows for easy access
  • Two attachment loops for hiking poles or ice axes
  • Front shove-it pocket for quick access

Technical Construction

  • Colour – Dark Forest
  • Gender – Male
  • Usage – Overnight, Multi day trip
  • Material – 420D Cordura, 100D nylon
  • Volume – 50 L
  • Dimensions – 34 x 38 x 69 cm
  • Weight – 1.86 kg
  • Model number – 3203569

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