Booicore™ - Outdoor Changing Towel

The Booicore changing towel is one of those excellent products you didn’t know you needed until you try it!

Whether its a wet and muddy day or a hot sweaty day this product is extremely useful. No one likes to drive home in wet, dirty sweaty cycling gear. The other option is to either find a bathroom or quiet place nearby by or even struggle in your vehicle to get changed from the cycling gear to the dry comfy driving clothes.

The changing towel is the same concept as the changing towels you may have seen for kids at the beach or at home when they get out of the bath.

With confidence and ease you can put on the changing towel and slip off the wet and dirty cycling clothes (which if its tight cycling gear and wet may be the biggest challenge) to put on the dry clothes to drive home.


Further details:

Made from 100% (400g) cotton towelling, it is machine washable and built to last.

  • Measurement from armpit to armpit: 85cm
  • Measurement from centre back neck to hem is 108cm


Please take a closer look at the changing towel and the great company here.

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