Chain Lube

Squirt have definitely thought long and hard about the substances going into the chain lube because when you look at the different components they each have their own benefit.

First of all, for best results you would need to start with a clean, degreased chain. The chain lube is made from 40% wax and 60% water.

The water is mainly there to move the wax into all places of the chain and as you know water tends to get everywhere and so therefore so will the wax, the water then evaporates leaving a nice wax finish which is dry to touch.

The magic of the product is from the wax, not only does it make your chain feel smooth and perform to the best of its ability, it also peels off slowly during rides and as it does so it brings away any dirt or grime that is on the chain. This also means when it comes to cleaning the chain you don’t have to focus to much on it as the chain lube helps clean it anyway, so you just add more lube if the chain needs it to keep the clever process going.

Due to how the chain lube works and continuously helps to clean your chain it adds on the life expectancy of your chain with an impressive 4-6000 miles being seen, this is because instead of dirt and grime sticking to it and helping wear the chain away, stuff does not stick to the wax so levels of wear are much reduced.

The lube should last for around 40- 70 miles for mountain bikes before reapplication is required.

You can view and purchase Squirt’s Chain Lube here (www.squirtlube.co.uk).


Squirt has just transitioned to a new UK importer and is busy setting up new distribution channels, so that it will become much more readily available in UK quality bike shops and online outlets too.

Further Instructions

  1. They advise degreasing a new, out of the box, chain completely.
  2. There are various ways to degrease depending on the stickiness of the factory grease, old chain lube or oil, but soaking the chain in a container with a degreaser or mineral spirits should work.
  3. After degreasing it is imperative to clean off all degreaser thoroughly, and rinse properly a few times.
  4. Allow the lube on the chain to dry completely. So think about applying it when you put your bike away – Not 2 minutes before you head out for a ride.
  5. Apply Squirt Chain Lube to the rollers on the inside of the chain with the easy application nozzle built into the bottle.

For MTB Use:

  1. Apply Squirt Chain Lube liberally to the chain. Don’t wipe it off, let the water element of Squirt transport the wax into all the links and internals of the chain.
  2. Never degrease your chain again, just use a dry brush once in a while if needed.
  3. Even when you wash the bike, don’t degrease the chain. Let it dry, apply a new coat of lube and allow the wax to build up in the links, and you will have better shifting, no chain suck, and much longer drive train life.


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