One of the most desired yet skeptical components on a bike is handlebars and grips which DON’T leave you with aching hands and arms either after a long ride or after a fast downhill track.

Because it’s so desired many people don’t believe it’s possible until they’ve tried it and I was sort of in this camp.

I did think there would be a way to slightly reduce the vibrations but not enough to be really noticeable and leave little affect on your hands or arms after the ride.

When I was sent these by Hotlines and Spank I couldn’t wait to have a day out at the trails to see if the hype was right……

I’m very happy to announce that they were better then I expected and wanted!!!!

Like most know after a bumpy ride on tough terrain or a day of bombing down DH trails you can feel that night and definitely the day after you’ve been out on a ride but in this instance there was nothing, so much so I completely forgot that I usually have arm/hand pump the next day.

It’s so nice not to suffer with it after a ride and since that first ride they haven’t been off my bike!!!!

I can only imagine the joy and relieve these handlebars give MTBers who have slight issues in their arms or hands from broken bones or torn muscles.

If you’re still unsure you can see the reviews on the Spank website and everyone is in agreement which isn’t always the case in MTB.

Below is a video from Spank explaining how Vibrocore works to reduce the vibrations.

From now on ALL my bikes will have some sort of Vibrocore bar on.


You can read more in-depth about Vibrocore on SPANK’s website by clicking here.

Or you can watch the video from SPANK’s YouTube here…..

You can buy the handlebars from SPANK by clicking here.

Follow them on social media here:
Instagram: @SpankBikes
Facebook: /SpankBikes
YouTube: @SpankIndustries

Review written by: Ryan – #TotalMTB Founder
Instagram: @RazOldfield
Twitter: @RazOldfield

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