So this is reTyre….. it looks very strange at first but I think it could have some amazing benefits when you really think about the concept and what the company behind it are really trying to address and solve!

At first mountain bikers really didn’t like the idea of e-bikes but now they are growing massively in the industry that most demo days and bike events consist quite heavily with them.

I think it could be the same with reTyre, it’s a very unique and strange concept but once think about it and try it out there’s a strong possibility you’ll love it.

I think it could have a massive impact in the UK where we are the first to admit that “the weather can’t make it’s mind up”, so no matter what the weather is and the condition of the trail you’ll be prepared for anything.

You simply have the reTyre on with the others tyres in your backpack or other bags with you and when the conditions or terrain changes you get the suitable tyre out and switch them and you’re away!

So if you commute to work and like going on trails you can use the same bike, for the commute to work you can use tyres suited to road and when you head to the trail you can use the tyre suited to a trail.

There are many benefits but the benefits that stand out to me are:

  • Instead of buying different bikes for the different terrain you can just switch tyres saving money.
  • Instead of having multiple tyres costing money and space you can get the smaller and cheaper reTyre tyres.
  • It could be massively beneficial to the environment

You can view and pledge on KickStarter here.


Further Info:

Better than a normal tire

  • reTyre is similar to your normal, old, boring tire, but has a reinforced zipper system with a smooth signature blue line – and if you want to add it, a reflective stripe for increased safety.
  • With our base tyre – reTyre One – you’re ready to roll! And if you experience other road conditions than asphalt and concrete, where you might wish you had better grip, you’ll have reTyre Skins. Just choose the skin you prefer, zip it on in less than a minute and you’re all set!

Well tested and verified

  • We have rigorously tested and improved the reTyre System all around the world. Over the past year, more than 4,500 units of the alpha version have been sold and tested.
  • reTyre is the only tire that allows you to change the tire surface to match any condition you face. Whether it’s snow or ice, the bike trail, downhill, off-road, or pure asphalt, with reTyre you’re always ready for what comes next. Support us today and join in the future development of the reTyre system.

Don’t waste more time on unnecessary tire changes, or spend your money in a shop that will change your tire for you, pledge today and take advantage of these MASSIVE discounts.

Our Story:

In 2015, we set out to find an easier way to change the bike tire, to account for the shifting weather and winter conditions in Norway. Two years of development and testing later, we were able to launch a successful alpha version of our product last year, of which we sold more than 4500 tires in Norway and Sweden. We even had several of the largest Sports chains selling our product.


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