Dainese AWA Hybrid

From the outside the AWA Hybrid Jacket may not look at different to other cycling jackets however the amount of research and development that has gone into putting the jacket together is quite incredible. For example the Polartec Alpha feature of the jacket was primarily developed and designed for US Special Forces for when they required a more advanced insulating material in their combat uniforms! So already if it’s good enough for them in their situations it can obviously cope easily with ours.

Even though i’ve just said the jacket’s features were designed for the US Special Forces the jacket reminds me of a Swiss Army Knife with just how many different climates and activities you can wear it in.

It keeps you warm, cool, protected from the wind, keeps sweat off you, fast drying, breathable while being lightweight and that’s not all of the features!

Instead of spending a lot on different jackets for different weathers and activities you could purchase the AWA Hybrid Jacket and wear it for pretty much all of them which in the long run is saving you money.

The jacket has a long tail like most cycling jerseys and jackets but while most jerseys and jackets have pockets which you get to from the outside the AWA Hybrid Jacket features a pocket on the back which is on the inside of the jacket. I think this a great idea mainly for making the pocket discrete among other reasons.

Even after testing the jacket, reading more into the features and how they work I still don’t quite believe how it keeps you cool when warm and when its warm it keeps you cool! (Insert mind blown gif).

Lastly you can easily pack the jacket into your backpack so you can either start the ride with just your jersey and add the jacket if you need or start with it on and take it off once warm.

Like i’ve said before it is a great jacket with so many features making it great for many activities and weathers which means it could be the ONLY jacket you need.


Power Grid Benefits:

  • Superior wicking action
  • Grid channels reduce weight & increase warmth
  • Fast drying
  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy care

Power Grid best uses:
Enhanced lightweight moisture wicking next-to-skin base

Click here to read more into Polartec’s Power Grid and how it works.


Alpha Benefits:

  • Superior breathability
  • Warmth without weight
  • Packable
  • Fast drying
  • Easy care
  • Available in multiple styles and weights

Best Uses:
Adaptable temperature regulating insulation

Click here to read more into Polartec’s Alpha and how it works.


You can see and purchase the Dainese jacket here.


Further Details:
A dedicated but versatile cycling insulation layer that is warm and packable, breathes better and dries faster.
Core warmth is boosted using Polartec’s new Alpha Direct, a compressible high loft solution that deploys hydrophobic insulating fibres in a lower-density knit with above-average breathability and quicker drying times if it gets wet.
The use of Alpha Direct offers increased versatility compared with traditional puffer styles, since it forms a complete air permeable package without needing to be paired with a backing fabric.
Polartec Power Grid fabric is used on the shoulders, sleeves and back as a fast-wicking solution to keep your skin dry when you sweat.
The raised fabric grid segments on the inside create touch points for moisture to wick off the skin.
While the air channels between them deliver superior breathability and compressibility together with an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio.
AWA HYBRID offers a combination of unique performance attributes that is highly sought after by outdoor athletes looking for versatility.
Designed to be worn in both the “stop” and “go” phases and to adapt to different intensity levels, it copes superbly with overheating phases like hard climbs.
Wind protection is provided in the lower-core and kidney area by an extremely lightweight fabric outer with a low denier rating and high density weave.

Weight: 0.30 kg