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I’ve been using the Pike now for almost a full year and it’s been around the world with me as I’ve put it through its paces to see how well it fares being actually used. Lots of other reviews no doubt state the obvious: this is a fantastic looking bag; easy to access because of the full length zip down the front; very secure; and comfortable. My review is a little more than that.

I first put the Chrome Pike on my back with a minimal kit for a mountain bike ride (which it was never designed to do). I wanted to see how it would feel tearing down a trail. Initially, it felt very comfortable. It’s a sizeable pack and can be filled with lots of stuff. Having it next to empty seemed a poor use for it so I jammed a few extra things in after the first lap to see how it would deal with that. The contact patches against my back felt great – their padding certainly smoothed out some of the more hard items in the bag – and the straps are wide enough to not dig in. The centre strap across the chest added a little extra security although there was noticeable movement when I started to lift the front end of the bike. Without a waist strap, I’d have to be honest and say this backpack isn’t made for more technical or jump trails.

So, why, as a mountain biker, have I held on to it so long and why do I still use it today? Well, as part of the email sent to us with information about the Pike, we were told this bag is ideal for travel. I thought I’d test that out too and see whether it really does hold up to being a suitcase and day pack at the same time. Off to Copenhagen with it! I jammed a camera kit, laptop, spare clothes, and a couple of notepads in it and off we went. It held up great and the internal pockets meant that all my stuff stayed organised and easy to grab whenever needed. Another bonus to traveling with this bag is the use of the fold along the top. This can be clipped along the top of the bag meaning all zips, when closed, can’t be accessed. For busier cities this will be a lifesaver as it makes the Pike totally secure from pickpockets.

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The Pike has continued to be a bag that I use almost every day. It performs perfectly when taken out for gentler rides, and makes for a perfect commuting backpack. When I’ve been abroad, and especially when renting bikes, the Pike really does shine out. The angled bottom of the bag, aside from meaning it doesn’t always stand up on its own, means that you can attach spare coats without worrying about them getting caught in the rear wheel.

Wearing the bag for full days out and about has given me a real opportunity to assess the comfort levels. They’re all good. The padding in the back coupled with the wide shoulder straps and long adjustment tabs means that the Pike sits exactly where you need it to all day. The side pockets are wide enough to slide water bottles behind whilst still having a set of gloves or a hat actually inside the pockets. The front pocket at the top is a great place to fit keys and a wallet for easy access and, as already mentioned, can be folded and buckled over the top of the bag for security. The very back pocket of the Pike is easily big enough to fit a laptop comfortably and even my small 13 inch laptop doesn’t slide around in there. All zips across the bag are strong and taped with water resistant material, and the bag itself also seems to repel water (although I’ve yet to be unlucky enough to be caught out in a torrential downpour).

Would I recommend the Pike for long days in the saddle on technical trails? No. The lack of waist strap means that it just moves around a little too much for my liking. Choose one of their other bags for that – maybe one designed for it. Would I recommend the bag at all? Absolutely! For just about everything else, including carrying folders to work, it’s absolutely perfect. Of all my rucksacks, this is probably the one I use the most… and it’s guaranteed for life!

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