What is #MondayMadness?

It’s a weekly compilation video of our followers/community doing rad things!!

It could be a rad drop, jump, trick, trail etc and yes we do accept fail/crash videos.

So what’s the difference between our compilation video and others out there like PinkBike and GMBN?

As you can see from the example video not only are the riders tagged in the video but they’re also mentioned in the caption and their Instagram name is shown in the video while their clip is playing.

It’s your content so get the credit and exposure.

Also we don’t just post fail/crash videos, we’ll post anything you think is rad.

The video can be from anything it doesn’t have to be recent.

It MUST be your own video.

Please DM us your videos.

If you know someone who has a video ask them to get in touch.

We can’t guarantee it’s gets featured and we can’t say when it will get featured as there may be a queue.

The video will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter so if you’re are on them you can let us know and we’ll try and tag you in them as well.


Would your brand like to sponsor #MondayMadness, please get in touch 😊



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