Magic Mary - Addix Soft

When you’re like me and live in Yorkshire, England and quite a lot of the year it’s wet, muddy and slippy on the trails it is extremely important you get the best tyres to perform in these conditions and that as a rider you are confident when riding fast on trails that you are confident that your tyres are going to let you down!

For me the Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix Soft are the ultimate tyre, the confidence these tyres have given me unreal, the difference in going up and down hills that are both muddy and slippy with wet rocks is very noticeable.

Unfortunately I haven’t been professionally downhill racing as yet but I can imagine these type of improvements could be the difference in being slightly faster and even seconds could mean the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

I know tyres are just tyres but the look of these just have a slightly more ‘beastie’ look to them.

And all of the above for a great price of just £49.99 (per tyre, depending on retailer) is surely a must buy for anyone living in conditions like England.

You can view and purchase Schwalbe’s Magic Mary’s here.


Further Info:

ADDIX SOFT is a compound that bridges many disciplines. It’s just as at home in the enduro and downhill world as it is in the demanding discipline of all-mountain and trail riding. It also impresses when used in combination with other ADDIX tires – more speed: Soft on the front, Speedgrip on the back. Or more damping: Ultra Soft on the front, Soft on the back.

Rides superbly and provides impressively good damping. That’s ADDIX Soft. We’ve dug deep in the tire builder’s bag of tricks to create the perfect balance between the two. The result is a compound that’s amazingly good fun and yet is significantly more durable than the previous TrailStar compound. Tip: ADDIX Soft is also ideal for e-MTBs. Here it really plays to its strengths of “great damping and powerful grip”, and due to the optimised low-temperature properties it does this all year round!


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