Frame and saddle straps

For those wanting a packless solution to storage, the Louri strap is the answer.

Fed up of riding with a bag that slips and slides on your back? Or simply just want to make your bag lighter? That’s where Louri comes in. At first glance, the Louri frame and saddle straps seem to be simple in construction, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Louri strap is marketed as a perfect solution for carrying a spare tube, multi-tool, tyre levers and some CO2 just in-case. In-fact, not only is it great for carrying all of that, it can also be used to go full-enduro and carry a banana or your spare water bottle.

A sister brand of Cyclorise, the British made and sold frame and saddle straps from Louri are incredibly well thought out. The use of tough materials and a long length means the frame strap wraps round even the largest downtubes securely. The saddle strap matches the same durability whilst being slightly shorter in length. The secure hook-to-hook velcro fastening coupled with the anti-slip rubber contact pipes holds the strap in place no matter what the riding conditions. Tested on everything from bridleways and singletrack to bike parks and technical mountain descents, I’ve had no movement at all from the Louri strap once it’s fitted to the bike.


Please take a closer look the Louri range here.


Further Info

For the bike tarts amongst us, Louri offer an absolutely astonishing range of colourways so that there’s bound to be something that matches your bike or your personality. Of course, I wanted to match the decals so grabbed an orange strap for the frame and a black strap for underneath the saddle. Fancy something a little more 50:01? Go full Tye-Die. Patriotic Scot? Tartan.

Fitting the strap is initially a little fiddly and confusing but once you’ve loaded and learnt which way to put the things in, it really is straightforward and surprising how much you can fit in it. Couple this with a water bottle and you’ve got all the kit you need for a ride without a bag.

After testing these straps for well over 6 months, I’m impressed with how well they hold up. They take a battering from all sorts of weather and mud, yet somehow seem to spray clean after each ride. I only remove the straps about every month to give the bike a proper clean underneath; otherwise they just get a spray down with the hose the same as the bike.


  • Long and adjustable enough to reach the biggest of frame tubes
  • Adjustable to fit solely an inner tube or much larger items such as water bottles, spare clothing etc
  • Strong, machine washable materials
  • Hook-to-hook Velcro-style security tape for secure mounting no matter what part of the strap it secures back against
  • Bar-Tack stitches for super strong elastic anchoring
  • Hand Made in the UK


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Review written by: Lewis – #TotalMTB Photography and Videography
Instagram: @Pedal_Slip
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