Kingud - Protect and Renovate

Kingud’s Protect and Renovate is a fantastic product that serves as a 2 in 1.

After you have cleaned your bike after a ride you can use the product to make your bike look better than new!

You can use it on all parts of your bike while leaving no white residue behind.

The second great benefit of this product is that it leaves a protective layer on the bike with starts by not letting mud and grime grip to the bike and also makes it a lot easier to wash.

It sounds like and is a must have for mountain bikers with these two fantastic features which work wonders by keeping your bike looking great while making it easier to clean!

You can view and purchase the Kingud Protect and Care here.

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Benefits Of Using A Kingud Citrus Biodegradable Chain Degreaser For Bikes

  • Covers imperfections and minor scratches
  • Repels water and adds a protective layer
  • Makes future washing much easier
  • NO white residue
  • Safe on paintwork, carbon fibre, metal and plastics
  • Gives a Kingud finish on matt, satin and gloss surfaces


Directions for use

Step 1 – Thoroughly wash and dry your ride
Step 2 – Apply small amount with a clean microfibre cloth
Step 3 – Buff
Step 4 – Stand back and admire

Avoid using on hot surfaces or in direct, strong sunlight.


You can see the full selection of Kingud products here.


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