Kingud - Cleaner

What is the best way to keep your bike looking good while lasting in the best condition or as long as possible?……Using products to keep it clean but thats the easy bit, the difficult bit is finding the best product to help you with that is the difficult part!

The Kingud cleaner is an essential product for any mountain biker in the UK as more often than not the conditions on the trails in the UK will leave you and your bike fairly dirty.

The cleaner makes light work of mud, dirt, salt, brake dust, oil, and insect remains quickly and safely from wet or dry surfaces.

You can view and purchase the Kingud cleaner here.

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Lastly the Kingud cleaner comes in a very strong bottle that you don’t have to worry about knocking over and damaging and due to the strong well made bottle you can refill the bottle with the cleaner with Kingud’s refills making it a very eco friendly product as you don’t need to keep buying new plastic bottles and throwing them away.

On top of that the cleaner is water based so it is bio-degradable and the spray comes in handy to really get those dirty spots with real accuracy!

So whats not to love? Keep your bike looking good and in tip top condition while helping the environment in more ways than one!

You can see the full selection of Kingud products here.


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